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Optimise your home feng shui, part 2

In this article I am going to share my expert feng shui tips on how to balance your living room and what benefits this brings you.

A living room is the most focal ambient of any home. It is a place for entertainment, relaxation, enjoyment and display of our favourite items. It is a place where family memories are created and where most sincere conversations with family, partner and friends usually happen. The living room is however not the most important room according to feng shui, but it still deserves plenty of attention.

First, a feng shui living room must have a good balance of yin and yang energies. This balance also depends what the living room is mainly used for - relaxation or entertainment with family & friends? Usually, both. A balance of yin and yang also depends on the location where living room is situated. If for example you have a living room in the Northern part of your home, it needs more yang energy - use warmer colours, lights, candles, plants, lively paintings and art. If your living room is in the Southern areas and you live in a warm country, then you need to create a more yin atmosphere - use cooler shades, not to many different colours and calm interior design elements. In any case, I do not suggest any clashing colours, such as red & black (fire and water crush), as this might stimulate arguments in the family.

Secondly, a feng shui living room should have a good form. This means the positioning of furniture, correct size and proportions for the room and the room layout itself. Feng Shui is often called the art of placement. To achieve a balanced living room, I suggest you always position your sofa against the wall, so you have a back protection. It is important that the furniture placement is inviting and is not obstructing a door or circulation through the room. Create a fine feng shui living room by placing two lamps on each side of a sofa and warm, comforting interior design. The left side table could be slightly higher than the right side table (sides of a sofa when sitting down), to ensure a balance between dragon and tiger or male and female energies.

Thirdly, Feng shui colours used in the living room depend on a feng shui survey of your home and are specific and individual to each property and resident. Generally, use calmer tones, but can be more rich. Don't have many contrasts in your environment, as this stimulates clashing energy. It can be manifested as arguments, misunderstandings and have negative effect on wellbeing of residents. Use the supportive cycle of the five elements, according to feng shui. (For example, white, grey & brown as earth supports metal element).

Moreover, display your favourite items in the living room. May it be art, trophies, achievements, books that you love, favourite music collection, or any other collection significant to you. The arts and imagery you surround yourself to are important and can raise your vibration. If you know your using element, according to your Ba Zi, you can use that chinese zodiac sign in your living room in form of a painting or statue. (For example, if your using element is yin wood, you can use a picture of a rabbit. To discover your supportive element and how you can use it to balance your life, get in touch and I can make a Ba Zi reading for you.) Avoid having any sharp objects in display, such as swords or guns in your home.

Finally, feng shui living room should have enough space for the energy to circulate around. Remember to use furniture appropriate to the size of the room, not making it too cluttered.

Use plenty of plants, to create an uplifting energy and stimulate wellbeing in your living room. Plants are very important, as they create oxygen and bring the live chi inside.

Benefits of well-designed feng shui living room:

  • family harmony

  • general well-being

  • stability in challenging situations

  • being grounded in your purpose

  • positive effect on abundance

  • improved friendships

  • specific benefits depending on each property

A living room can represent many different things in person's life, usually is related to public relations and the outside world. This is because living room is often the only room that is shown to "public" or someone who visits us. This is why it's the link between the image of ourselves that we project to outer world and our true inner selves. It is an important room and it can be used to stimulate many different aspects of our lives, using some of the most kept feng shui secrets. In Chue Style Feng Shui we can often trigger certain points within a home, to bring balance into person's life. For example, a person looking to improve his/her status in society, or win a certain price, gain more power, respect, or improve relationships with colleagues, etc. - all these aspects can be addressed using feng shui, often by concentrating on those specific points in the living room.

Feng Shui is just like acupuncture of space - it releases blockages so the energy can run smoothly and it can also act as a stimulant when you want to boost an area of your life.

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