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The effect of good Feng Shui is increasing the potential of social and financial success of people, improving health, relationships and wellbeing. Feng Shui is the link between the person and their home or workspaceMost problems of modern society, such as sleeping disorders, lack of motivation, relationship difficulties, inability to conceive, financial issues, business downturn, health problems, lack of opportunities and similar setbacks can be solved and avoided by using our Feng Shui principles.

The best time to apply Feng Shui in your environment is at the very beginning, when buying a land or before building/renovating a property. Feng Shui for new-builds is designed to offer the best possible solution and create an environment that will greatly influence your wellbeing and prosperity. Maša is highly skilled in Chue Style Feng Shui - known to give a lot of attention to exterior, the landscape, surroundings, as well as working with 64 compass directions. It considers many aspects of location, before giving advice on where to build exactly, what kind of design is most suitable for specific environment and needs of the client. Maša's approach is very detail oriented and she provides a complete service in this valuable Feng Shui consultation - from selecting the right type of land, to constructing the most beneficial building according to her Feng Shui assessment. On new-build projects, Maša works with architects, interior designers and other professionals if needed. She makes sure everything matches the client's needs and that the result is most beneficial. 

When applying Feng Shui at the early stage of a project, your home or business venue can be precisely set according to your own personal/business needs and you can be sure your whole family/business will be greatly supported.

Get in touch today and design your dream Feng Shui home or business venue.

"When we bought land to build a house, Maša came to Slovenia to do the first measurements. She told me exactly where the house should be located and oriented. Since the house was being built for me and my partner, she asked for our birth dates and hours, so she can get a very personalised Feng shui results. 

Maša gave us lots of advices on how the house should be built, we were paying attention to her advices how to place the elements, so they don't collide, but come together in harmony and the house turned out great. 

Once the house was built, she came to do another measurements, this time focusing on interior. She proposed all the elements, colours and materials we should have in each room. Along the process I learned the life and the places we live in are much more than they seem at first sight."

Mojca Pintar - Slovenia


Contact me today and let me know about your dream home / hotel / retreat you are creating.
I will get back to you with tailored offer, making sure we an environment that will support all your need holistically.


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