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Let me share a personal story about my kitchen.

It's situated in the western part of my home. Knowing the ins and outs of my house's Feng Shui and having a deep understanding of my family's Ba Zi charts, I recognized the importance of prioritizing our health this year. With the west receiving energy associated with sickness, having a kitchen in this area isn't ideal, especially for a family like ours that values preparing wholesome meals and prioritizes well-being above all else.

To address this, I took proactive steps. I placed a Taoist remedy in the kitchen, specifically designed to counteract the negative energy associated with illness. Additionally, I made a concerted effort to keep the kitchen exceptionally clean throughout the year, understanding that cleanliness plays a pivotal role in maintaining good health, as emphasized by Feng Shui principles. These actions empowered me to take control of the negative energy present in my home.

Now, you might wonder if this approach is universally applicable to all homes with kitchens situated in the west. The answer is no. It hinges on the unique Feng Shui of each property and the individuals residing there. Factors such as one's Ba Zi chart and overall fate for the year influence the necessity of remedying negative energy. Those experiencing a particularly favorable fate may not require such interventions, as they possess the resilience to navigate challenges effortlessly.

This holistic approach underscores the importance of considering both the astrological aspects of individuals and the Feng Shui dynamics of their homes when addressing yearly influences. Through this integrated analysis, positive outcomes can be achieved, and obstacles overcome.

If you're intrigued by the insights I've shared and wish to explore further, I offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs. From yearly predictions with detailed monthly guides to personalized fate readings based on your Ba Zi chart, I provide insights into the strongest aspects of your year, opportunities to seize, and areas requiring attention. Additionally, I conduct annual house reviews as part of my Chinese New Year practice, offering recommendations to cultivate balance within your property.

Get best tips for wood dragon year and how to harness positive energy, according to Feng Shui for 2024
Feng Shui for 2024


In the upcoming year, 2024, the energetic landscape is poised to be particularly skillfully dynamic. Drawing upon the principles of Feng Shui, specifically the Flying Stars technique, which skillfully forecasts events and assesses temporal impacts on our surroundings, it's revealed that the prevailing energy will exhibit a pronounced yang quality. Yang energy, characterized by its swiftness and assertiveness, possesses the capacity to push individuals swiftly towards opportunities or knock them off balance abruptly. This year, the responsibility lies on us to channel our efforts wisely to harness this potent force to our advantage.

For those sharp enough to seize upon opportunities, this heightened energy may yield swift financial gains, akin to the promising assurances of the dragon. However, delving deeper into the implications of a Wood Dragon year, one must consider its effects on our living and working spaces.

The year 2024, resonating with the number 3 and aligned with the Wood element, signifies a surge of wood energy spreading throughout our environments. This influx brings forth prospects for career advancements, fresh ventures, and the acquisition of new knowledge. Yet, placed alongside other celestial configurations, this blend of energies may also herald contentious tendencies, urging caution in communication to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Certain sectors of our spaces may endure the impact of adverse influences, while others may serve as conduits for positive energies. However, the extent of these effects varies based on individual charts and the unique configurations of each property. As such, generalized forecasts offer a framework rather than definitive outcomes.

In 2024, auspicious energy gathers in the Southwest, signaling a source of celebration, romance, and interpersonal connections. Regions like the Iberian Peninsula, encompassing Portugal, may witness an influx of individuals seeking better prospects, enjoying the fortunate glow of this sector.

Conversely, the West struggles with the ominous presence of the '5 yellow' star, indicating illness and challenges, prompting careful measures to safeguard health, especially in densely populated urban areas.

Other sectors, such as the Northwest, Northeast, and East, emerge as fortunate areas for nurturing career aspirations and financial prospects. However, the pace of opportunities in these areas demands careful decision-making and swift action to capitalize on fleeting chances.

The Southeast, home to the dragon energy, harbors a blend of informational flow and mild health concerns. Caution is advised in navigating contracts and agreements, as misinformation may be plentiful in this area.

Personal experiences, grounded in an understanding of individual Ba Zi charts and property-specific Feng Shui dynamics, underscore the need for tailored remedies and proactive measures. While feng shui

solutions may lessen negative energies, the effectiveness of such actions relies on a comprehensive appraisal of one's astrological destiny and environmental influences.

Navigating the nuances of 2024 requires a holistic approach, encompassing yearly predictions, fate readings, and property evaluations. Through the synthesis of astrological insights and Feng Shui principles, individuals can navigate the year with confidence, harnessing the transformative potential of the dragon's flight.

Interested in gaining deeper insights into your year ahead? Let's embark on this journey together, ensuring a prosperous and harmonious year ahead.

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