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The I Ching is a collection of practical wisdom, being the oldest Chinese classical text. 

“I Ching” means “Classic of Changes” or “Book of Changes.”  


The principles of the 6 kinship hexagram I Ching, which is the practice of Maša, cannot be found in any books. This ancient knowledge has exclusively been passed on only from Master to Master. This is a very detailed method and is not based on any written publication. It is much deeper and different practice to many I Ching readings offered today. 

The I Ching, as an ancient method of divination can predict the future and guide us in the right direction. Any dilemmas that you have can be asked and the answers and results are extremely accurate.  The questions can be related to health, wealth, relationships, lost or missing items and even your yearly fate. First step is to contact Maša and let her know your dilemma. She will then help you formulate the right type of question. Only when the question is precise and clear, she will ask the I Ching and make the technical part or the study of revealing the answer through this method. The answer will be interpreted and you will be guided towards correct action. 

Maša has helped many individuals answer their questions and guide them towards the right direction. Often she consults businesses using the I Ching, as it is a very valuable tool to predict events, make decisions when unclear and foresee the circumstances.

Contact Maša for I Ching reading today and get the answers you seek for.

"In business and in life, making the right decisions is of extreme importance. It makes a difference between a great business deal and not so good one. When certain issues arise, I often consult with Maša. Her I Ching consultation provides guidance and points me to the right direction. To me, the I Ching is like a magnifying glass that allows me to take a look through a closed book."

P.K., entrepreneur & real estate investor - Portugal

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