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Feng Shui brings healthy flow to your property which in terms manifests as new opportunities, better health, financial growth, career advancement, happiness, improvement in relationships, more creativity and harmony.

Here are some of my Feng Shui for home services:



Applying Feng Shui principles to your home or workspace is an exceptional tool to get you through difficulties and reach your goals. Our Feng Shui solutions are always suitable for the purpose of the space and include recommendations within architectural and landscape design, layout of rooms, furniture placement, colour schemes, decoration, positioning or specific details such as re-angling the front door, desks and beds. Good Feng Shui is invisible to the eye, it is however felt as a sense of tranquillity and comfort. Ensure your premises are blockage free and your life and business will run smoothly.


Choosing the right property has significant effect on your wellbeing, wealth and happiness. Not all properties have good Feng Shui and moreover are suitable for you and your family. All properties have specific energies, as do all individuals, however they need to link together if we wish to be supported in our environment with good Feng Shui. Maša is a well trained and established Feng Shui consultant who can select the perfect property for you energetically.


Designing a home with Feng Shui principles transforms the space into zone of relief, tranquillity, satisfaction and abundance. Feng Shui for home creates comfortable and smooth environments, allowing the positive energy to flow and nurture entire family. Your space will look and feel fantastic, be in complete harmony with you, whereas the result - more vitality, happiness, wellbeing and success will follow.


Home staging is the act of preparing property for a successful sale. Combining Feng Shui and home staging allows to correct, refresh, enlighten, enlarge and expose the beautiful features you never knew your property had.  Maša makes sure your real estate attracts the right type of Chi, combined with auspicious date selection, in order to make a sale fast, smooth and with positive outcome. Maša has helped dozens of clients to sell their properties successfully, even if they had been stuck on the market for a long time.


Feng Shui principles applied in the exterior have the most significant impact and the results can come very quick. Maša will help you create harmony and bring positive Chi to your doorstep by using authentic Feng Shui in garden design or even urban design. She has plenty of experience and has worked on many different garden projects internationally.

“If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.”

Chinese proverb

Feng Shui consultation fee: from 900 EUR

(Price depends on the size of a property and number of occupants)

Residential consultations.jpg

"The changes we made in my son's bedroom made the difference in his behaviour. I feel that now he is more calm and emotionally more controlled. Besides, he is home more often.I believe more positive changes will happen and remain in our lives. Feng shui has really helped us, thank you Maša."

Manuela Gaspar - Portugal


Contact me today and let me know about your living  environment situation.
I will get back to you with tailored offer, making sure we bring prosperity & wellbeing to your life.


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