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All of our courses are offered by the Chue Style teacher of the Imperial school of Feng Shui LisbonOur Chue Style Feng Shui courses are designed for people with no previous knowledge of Feng Shui or Ba Zi, as well as for any type of Feng Shui practitioner who wish to broaden their interest and knowledge. You can receive detailed information about any of the Chue Style Feng Shui courses listed bellow by contacting us or by signing up for our newsletter.


Our Chue Style Feng Shui courses are organised in several locations throughout Portugal and abroad & online. If you have a retreat or a healing/yoga/ workshop/wellbeing practice and would like to host one of our Feng Shui/ Ba Zi courses, please get in touch. 


NEW!! We now offer various Chue Style Feng Shui courses online.

For dates and more information, get in touch.



Yearly prediction course is available for those with no prior knowledge of Feng Shui, as well as for Feng Shui consultants.

Grand Master Chan has been making yearly predictions for decades with great accuracy, joining his research and many methods of prediction. His predictions included the events such as the tsunamis, floods, wildfires, epidemic and wars globally and throughout the years. These techniques are extremely accurate and can predict global events on a month-to-month basics. 

In this course we cover the general outlook for the year 2024 and its influences. We are going to find out what are the challenges and opportunities presenting themselves in the upcoming year. If we know these principles, we can plan our actions accordingly. 

This course is invaluable for anyone interested in the key elements of the year 2023 and how to make the best out of it. It is designed for consultants, business owners, entrepreneurs, as well as individuals who like to plan their year ahead. 

NEXT COURSE: January 18th - 20th 2024 (3 days)



I Ching dice for prediction course is designed for all who are interested in divination and have unanswered questions about their life. If you are in the position where you don’t know what to do in life or which path is the right for you, then this is an excellent course for you. With simple steps, you will learn how to answer all questions you have about health, relationship, travel, weather, house, marriage, pregnancy, examination, lawsuits, property and much more.

NEXT COURSE: April 12th - 14th 2023 (3 days)



Ba Zi is an ancient and accurate system of Chinese Astrology, which literally, means "Eight Characters" in Chinese.  It is also called "Four Pillars of Destiny".  The four components within the moment of the year, month, day, and hour of a person’s birth detail their life and fate.  The Ba Zi analyst can make appropriate recommendations to help people to choose supportive careers or start a business, modify inappropriate behaviour, suggest successful periods to invest, marry and have a family.


Pure Ba Zi is a foundation course in Ba Zi that is the stepping stone into the Chue Style Ba Zi series. 

NEXT COURSE : To be announced in 2024



Feng Shui for all is available for those with no prior knowledge of Feng Shui, as well as for Feng Shui consultants. The subject covered is extremely interesting and practical! Feng Shui for all is also of great value for architects, interior designers, landscape designers, property developers and urban planners who can incorporate new knowledge straight into their work. It is a crucial course for any practising Feng Shui consultantThis amazing Feng Shui course brings applicable information to homeowners ready to transform their homes and lives to slice of heaven!



Discover the fascinating world of Ba Zi, a Chinese horoscope system meaning "8 characters." It's not just about knowing your strengths and weaknesses; it's a skill set that unlocks deeper insights into life and complements other Chue Style teachings. Ba Zi 1, crafted by Grand Master Chan, is like a roadmap to understanding your destiny. With decades of research, Grand Master Chan has made this course uniquely accurate. It's a profound journey into interpreting the story woven by the 8 characters in any Ba Zi chart.


Ba Zi 1 is an in-depth course into the characteristics of 5 elements and how to recognize special and ordinary forms of charts. This course enhances a student’s skill in selecting supporting elements using timing, territory, power, and form rules. The principles of a weak, strong, or special horoscope are explained and how the chart interacts with the Big Fate. You will also earn about the 10 Sap San (10 Fairies) which are the individual characters within every horoscope. These could be your parents, brothers, sisters or friends, the partner and children. These sap San help you to understand why certain aspects are more or less dominant in any horoscope’s life.


Join us to learn how to read and interpret the natal chart and the meaning behind each character. 

This 5-day course is about understanding and navigating the unique story that is your life. Ba Zi 1 is your first step into this captivating world, promising an enlightening experience.

Chue Style Ba Zi is like no other course on the market.

To enroll in this course, a Pure Ba Zi (Foundation in Ba Zi) course is required. Open to all Chue Style graduates.

NEXT COURSE: February 23rd-28th 2024 (5 days + 1 day off)



Chinese astrology course is offered to understand person’s character, abilities,  relations, potentials, weaknesses, etc. Chinese horoscope is a very detailed and accurate system to recognise one’s life path and seize the possibilities  that present themselves. By understanding our horoscope, we can recognise our strengths and weaknesses  and act accordingly, thus giving us a great advantage in life. Useful for individuals and business owners

NEXT COURSE: To be announced in 2024



Grand Master Chan is sharing the secrets of our ancient Chue Style Qi Gong practice that comes from the Imperial courts and Great Great Great Grand Master Chan Hai Yee.  Our method is called ‘Follow your Body’ Qi Gong.  There are two main aspects – Movement, External or Yang Qi Gong, which relates to the exercises and Quiet, Internal or Yin Qi Gong, which relates to meditation practice. Qi Gong exercises help improve your all around health and strengthen your body, particularly focusing on improving your eyes, ears, nose and brain functions, as well as your internal organs. 

NEXT COURSE: June 2024



With Face Reading you can determine the health, character, relationships and luck of an individual.  This 3-day course is open to all, no previous knowledge is required.  During the course, you will study the Five elements of the different features of the face, the differences between “colour” and Chi reflected on the face as the shades of “colour” can indicate the health aspect of the various internal organs. You will learn to map facial areas, with the aid of the 12 Palaces and identify different shapes of eyes, eyebrows and lips which define aspects of heath, wealth, partner and property, etc. 

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