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Feng Shui consultation for business provides a solid ground on which you can grow your business and stimulate the environment for greater creativity, productivity, perfected staff management and relationships, increased sales revenue, business opportunities, improved performance, inquiries, bookings, orders, and general success.

Feng Shui for business is like a secret weapon in todays’ economy and is highly beneficial as a competitive edge.


Feng Shui aims to achieve a healthy and encouraging working environment, maximising the potential of your business and staff motivation. A complete Feng Shui for business consultation includes a survey and analysis of existing property (interior and exterior) to identify the main problematic features. Maša will recommend the actions to neutralise the negative effect and encourage a positive flow of energy. Also the key employees (owners, managers) are considered in the analysis by revision of their birth charts (Ba ZI), to make sure the property and business support them.


(signing contracts, launching products, services or campaigns, moving premises, construction work, etc.)

  • Feng Shui & interior design for business

  • Feng Shui Garden design for business

(applied in parks, gardens, outdoor cafes & restaurants, hotels & spa resorts, driveways, terraces, public & commercial outdoors)

Feng Shui Garden Design is about bringing harmony through the garden to your front door and supporting the business.

It is the vital part of a property, as we all come from outside - clients, owners, employees, visitors. Bringing the energy from outside to the correct part of your premises leads to generating more business, client satisfaction and staff efficiency among other benefits.

Get in touch with me today and transform your business with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui business consultation fee: from 1.800 EUR

* Price depends on the size of a property, number of owners / key employees and type of business

* does NOT apply to Ba Zi, Date selection or I Ching services

"I’ve had a commercial property where there were difficulties with employees. Besides, things would constantly break down and I had to spend a great deal of money on repairs. I’ve seen a significant improvement after hiring Maša and applying her feng shui recommendations. Mostly her advices were common sense and easy to do and some were also very advanced - such as buddha placement and garden design. Her work is professional and very high-skill."

Kostja Polc, Surf2smile Surf Camp - Portugal


Contact me today and let me know about your living / working environment situation.
I will get back to you with tailored offer, making sure we bring prosperity & wellbeing to your life or business.

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