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Date selection is an authentic art originating from China and part of classical Feng Shui, considering natural cycles and personal birth data. Using the rhythms of nature, cosmic cycles to our favour and planning activities accordingly, is what gives strength and stability to the action taken. We can either work in tune with universe or go against it. The choice is ours. Maša has the power of exquisite knowledge to help and guide you.

Auspicious date selection can be used to plan ceremonies, weddings, host events, sign contracts, moving house and other significant business or personal activities. The day will work in your favour and the result will be auspicious by choosing the date that supports you and is appropriate for the planned activity.


Each day has a specific energy and influence. Maša uses the technique of advanced date selection that is specific for individual, as well as needs to match well with the activity. For example, a wedding needs a different "tone" or vibration then a commercial product release does. Maša finds the most suitable day for your activity and for YOU as an individual.

Auspicious date selection is always used as part of Maša's Feng Shui consultations. Any recommendations involving moving house, selling property or installing new features (such as water feature, Buddha placement, door alignment, cooker installation) are carried out on the appropriately selected day. This way, we ensure that everything runs smooth on the day and that the changes applied have even stronger, long-lasting effect.

Find the best date for your chosen activity and create your most desirable outcome.

" This time, like all times, is a very good one if we but know what to do with it."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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