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Do you know which room in your home has the biggest impact on your health, wellbeing, romance, relationships and even fertility? That's right, that is your BEDROOM.

During the next few weeks, I will be sharing some amazing, expert content about how to optimise your home feng shui. Each blog post will be dedicated to one specific room, so you will have some time in between to look at each room in your home and possibly improve what you can. First, we will start with the queen of home - the bedroom.

A bedroom is the most important room in any home. We spend the most time in our bedroom, regarding a day has 24 hours. Considering most people have about 8 hours of sleep per night, there is no other room in a house where we spend as much un-interrupted time in one place. You might think that current quarantine situation changes that, as we spend all (or most of) our time at home. However, this is not the case. According to feng shui, a bedroom also has a more subtle effect on our wellbeing. Since we are asleep, we become more vulnerable for any energetic influences. Moreover, sleeping is for regeneration of our mind, body, spirit - therefore a feng shui bedroom must ensure a very nurturing and healing energy.

Feng Shui for bedroom is such a vast topic itself. All the relations between a couple arrise from the bedroom, looking from a feng shui perspective. It is really important how good is the bedroom feng shui.

Many clients ask me for feng shui consultations because of partnership - either they would like to meet a partner, or they would like to improve the romance in their existing relationship, or they would like to boost their fertility. Yes, even the fertility issues can sometimes be resolved with feng shui in the bedroom. Chue Style Feng Shui has so many different tools to solve problems, that sometimes it is just magical.

In this blog post, I would like to help you create an ideal feng shui bedroom.

I realise many people are struggling at the moment and we all face our own problems. I hear from many people how significantly have their lives changed since quarantine started. I also understand how much more anxiety, stress, worry and tension there are in our day to day life. I believe this time is even more important to put your home in order, so you can have more peace, harmony and comfort in your life.

Let's start with the bedroom, as it all begins with the quality of our sleep.

When I consider feng shui of a bedroom, I need to see the bigger picture than just a room itself. Many people ask me about feng shui for love, or feng shui for relationship, feng shui for romance, or feng shui for fertility. These aspects all have a common root - the bedroom. Bedroom has the power to influence all of those areas, plus your overall health, support in life and wellbeing.

Here are top health benefits of a bedroom with good feng shui:

  • better quality of sleep

  • supports your general health

  • stronger immune system

  • supports the health of you kidneys

  • positively affects the health of your sexual organs

How to create a supportive and nurturing bedroom?

First and most important thing is the form. The bed should always have a solid back support. Never place a bed under a window, below shelves or any heavy wall decoration.

Next, a bed should be placed in a quiet position - away from door and window. On the wall where there is a bed, there should be nor a window, nor door. It also helps when a bed has a solid headboard. Avoid having anything above your head when lying in bed. It is also not good to place your bed under declining wall, or a beam. They create pressure over your head and cause insomnia and migraines.

Secondly, feng shui bedroom must have good air quality. This means to open your windows regularly and only limit the plants to those that release oxygen during night time.

Third is the furniture and other items inside your bedroom. Ideally, in feng shui bedroom there should not be much furniture - only a bed, couple of night stands and closet or dressing drawer. I do not recommend mirrors in the bedroom. If you have them, cover them during the night. Mirrors are especially problematic when placed directly opposite, above or on the sides of bed, so that you can see your reflection when you lie in bed. If you have a mirror on the inside of your closet door and you can only see it when you open that door, then that is ok.

The next is the size of room. A feng shui bedroom should not be a very large room. It is rather small and comfortable. In large rooms, the energy is dispersed and is not so supportive to you. The proportions are also important. The proportion of a bed relating to the room for example.

Furthermore, the electronics. Electronic equipment does not belong to the bedroom. That concerns TV, laptops, radios or any other appliances and gadgets. They affect your sleep and do not stimulate nurturing energy in the bedroom.

Finally, a feng shui decoration of a bedroom. Although this is the most asked question, it is not considered a top priority when looking at bedroom feng shui. A bedroom should have calm or pastel colours, such as sand, beige, cappuccino, or light pink. Warmer colours are usually better, however this specific choice is specific to each property. The feng shui colours are based on a calculation of each property, as well as the occupants birth data. By analysing each property, feng shui recommendations can be given.

After having a feng shui consultation, and applying recommendations for optimising your bedroom feng shui, here is what you can expect:

Top relationship benefits of a bedroom with personalised feng shui:

  • Better communication between partners

  • Increased romance in the relationship

  • More support from both partners to one another

  • Higher chances of attracting the right partner into your life

  • Developing more loving relationship with self and partner

  • Positive effect on fertility

  • A sense of moving forward in a relationship

Take good care of yourself and your bedroom - it is your power source.

If you have any questions or issues you would like me to help you with, please get in touch.

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