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The year starts on the winter solstice. This is the energetic turning point and most significant change of chi within a year. It is when the planet Earth completes an entire circle around the Sun. This is the time of complete yin, darkness and stillness. After 'Dung Gee' (winter solstice) the yang energy starts to rise again, as we experience in the growth of daylight. We have now entered a new yearly cycle. How is the energy going to be like in 2021?

The year 2021 is the year of a yin metal ox. Based on the Ba Zi for 2021, it is obvious that two elements are dominant in 2021 - Earth and Metal. Both elements are represented already in the metal ox (ox being related to the earth element). So the energy of a metal ox is quite an accurate description of the following year, since all pillars in Ba Zi are earth and metal elements (or combinations to those). The characteristics of the ox are an example of which behaviours are likely to be promoted and rewarded. The character of the ox also reveals what we should avoid doing in 2021. If the ruler of the year does not appreciate certain qualities, it is better not to go against him. He is after all the leader of the year and it is a very solid one. Let's see what are the characteristics of the ox.

The ox is an animal that was close to humans, as it was used in agriculture. Anyone born in the year of the ox is hardworking and has strong determination. However, they are slow to gain momentum. Their movements are not quick or sudden but steady and slow.

The ox is not afraid to take on challenging tasks or hardship. They will get through them, step by step. Even when they are exhausted, they will complete their job. The ox is a hard worker and one who thinks thoroughly before starting any task. The ox is not in a hurry, taking their time to think before making their move. When faced by a setback, they will find a way to resolve it with their persistence. The ox is good at planning and preparation; however, they don’t like change. They are steady characters, not very flexible. The ox is very systematic, patient and conservative. They prefer to be on their own and don't like being social in their life. Their character does not suit everyone. The ox is also honest and reliable. However, they like to keep things private. The ox does not have a hot temperament, as they are more of a cool character.

The metal ox is the one that always follows the rules. They are, amongst all the 5 types of ox, the most valuable one, as they can benefit human the most. The metal ox is good in business and can make many different things.

The metal ox has a deep knowledge and is not empty headed, as they have plenty of precious reserves of information in their mind.

The ox is located in the north-east mountain. This is where the yang chi is starting, which is the rising chi. However, it is still between yin and yang. In the north-east it is very cold, even if it has the first sight of the rising sun. Being in between yin (cold) and yang (rising chi), its energy is not easy to handle.

The ox is someone who prefers a simple life and does not enjoy the extravaganza. He is a modest character, who knows how to store and understands his boundaries. Ox is also very practical and not someone with their heads in the clouds. He stands firm on the ground and can be sometimes difficult to change his mind. Ox is also connected to the earth (ground) and is very sensible to the energy. He is spiritual, but very grounded at the same time. Ox also knows how to sacrifice, as he will do anything to finish his task.


The year 2021 is a time to find balance in one's life. The ox and the earth element are all about the right balance. The global energy is very fast at the moment, although the ox is slow. This means it is important to act slowly in 2021 and take time to think things through and act methodically. Understanding the simplicity of the ox's nature, we can adopt this principle in our own lives. It is the time to live simply and enjoy in the purest moments. The ox year 2021 is excellent to build the foundation. It is not the year for great expansion and working on visibility or fame. It is the introverted system that will be most rewarded. This means building the solid ground first. There will be time in the next years to come to promote our image and become more externally oriented. Ox is also very practical, so putting dreams into reality is the key in 2021. It is not the time for dreaming, but rather make things concrete. Putting things into practice is going in hand with the energy of the year. This is one of the most important things to focus on in the year of the ox 2021: practice, knowledge (study), finding balance and prioritising health and wellbeing. Ox is also very physical and a strong animal. It is important to look after your health and body in the next year. Taking care of a physical body will influence your mindset and a spiritual body as well. Another important concept to remember is to know your boundaries. Ox understands exactly when someone is trying to take advantage of him and he is sure not to let that happen.

The form of the metal ox is one of a mine. The metal is inside the mountain. There is wealth inside the mountain and the knowledge is very deep. This indicates that it is a good year for studying by connecting with our inner knowledge or wisdom, especially when we need guidance. North-east is the direction where the ox sits. This direction is related to spiritual energy as well. Taking this into consideration, it is important to be guided from within when faced with challenges in 2021.

Sometimes, things need to fall apart for us to be able to discover the real treasure, like a mountain full of gold, that looks ordinary at first sight. To be able to get the gold, we need to dig into the mountain first.


- Live simply & prioritise health and wellbeing

- Find balance between work and relaxation, career and family

- Respect your boundaries and of others

- Think before you act

- Slow down your pace

- Create a foundation, be patient and persistent

- Stay grounded (practice yoga, qi gong, meditation)

- Put things into practice

- Be guided by your 'gut' feeling

- Focus your energy inwards instead of outwards

If you would like my guidance in the year of the metal ox and make the best of 2021, get in touch.

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