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The yearly Feng Shui prediction is based on several different methods. To make a complete picture of the year ahead, various aspects need to be considered.

In Feng Shui, it is most common to look at the Flying stars for the upcoming year and analyise the year accordingly. In Chue Style Feng Shui, predictions are quite more complex than that.

For this years prediction, I have looked into Ba Zi for 2020, analysed the Feng Shui 2020 according to the "purple & white method", as well as asked and analysed the I Ching for 2020. All of the methods have shown me similar result, as they all indicate the energy of the year 2020 as not balanced and troublesome.

First, let’s begin with the characteristics of the Rat as the zodiac sign. The year 2020 is a year of the Metal Rat according to the Chinese solar/lunar calendar.

A rat is one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Actually it is the first sign of the twelve. The rat is the starter, so it marks new beginnings and changes. It is the point on the compass where yin changes to yang. The rat sits in the North on the compass and represents winter time. It is the timing of change and transformation. Rat also belongs to hour from 23 - 01, therefore brings night into a new day. Rat has the seed of yang, even though it sits at the complete yin position. The rat also belongs to heaven chi, which makes it very fast and active.

Rats survive anything and when everyone is asleep, rat is the one who is working and being active. Rat is the change maker and a starter.

For sure, this year is going to be a year of change. More so, it is going to have a very fast influence. So, we may expect sudden changes in our lives. It could be significant changes, not just little ones. Year of the rat is generally a good time for new beginnings, as the rat marks the new cycle of the zodiac, as well as starts each year.

Moreover, what BA ZI 2020 is showing us is that the water element is strong. Just looking at the year pillar, metal rat, we understand that this rat is strong. Rat belongs to water element and metal supports the water. So the rat is well fed and strong. The strong water influence in Ba zi 2020 means that the year might be beneficial for those whose water element is their supportive or using element, according to their personal Ba Zi. For those who need fire or earth in their Ba Zi for example, the year 2020 is going to be less favourable.

Further revealing in Ba Zi 2020 is that the energy is not balanced. We aways seek for balance among 5 elements or at least the solution in Ba Zi. However, this year’s Ba Zi doesn’t have balanced energy. Meaning, we can’t expect the year to be smooth and harmonious; at the contrary - we may experience a lot of arguments, troubles and health issues. It will also be more challenging year for the relationships.

On the other hand, if we look at Feng Shui 2020 we also encounter problematic energy.

Feng Shui as a yearly prediction tool can also be applied globally, as well as in our own environments - home and work space.

There is a troublesome star no 7 flying into the centre this year, where it joins star no 9 and star no 5. The combination is not auspicious at all, but it signifies again, argumentative energy and troubles. Globally, it is not going to be a good year. Actually the central position is the worst in 2020, which represents the Tai Chi and is most significant part.

This star is associated with people and it means there will be more fighting and protests going on, especially in the Middle East. It can also be in other central regions of individual countries, such as in the capitals.

Another poor sector is the East, where we get star no. 5. This star relates to sickness and in this case the star is not controlled. Meaning, it is active. There will be problems with health globally and interestingly, we can already see the coronavirus spreading from the East. It is not going to be a healthy year in general.

West sector is also occupied with a less favourable combination of stars 7-9 which mean arguments. This again is active sector and is far from auspicious in 2020. There are many conflicts globally coming from the West and conflicts between East and West are going to be very active in 2020.

Luckily, there are also some positive sectors according to Feng Shui 2020 and these are: NW, N, NE, SE

The best position of all is the NW, so at least the leader has good stars in 2020. Generally, this year is good for wealth (but this strongly depends on the industry and which element it belongs to!) The North is also occupied with combination of stars that fvours career.

The NE and the SE are also considered good sectors, especially for work, study and wellbeing. For more information on how to benefit from this sectors and check if your house has good feng shui, contact me and we can schedule a consultation.

Each year there are certain people that are against the yearly influence and who should take extra care. In the year of Metal Rat, those born in year of the horse should take care. Especially people born in the year of the wood horse (1954, 2014) are in conflict with the year. There are also other signs that are in conflict with year of the metal rat. If you would like to know how this year of metal rat affects you and if you need to take extra care, please get in touch. I can make you a personal Ba Zi reading and a yearly fate, which explains in detail what you can expect from the following year, how you are affected, which areas have the potential for success and where you should take precautions. It is a very valuable information in order to fully seize the energy of the year and not swimm against the flow.

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