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In this blog post, I'd like to share with you some simple ways how to create smooth, vibrant and healing energy in your own home.

It looks like the quarantine time is not ending soon, or even if it does it may be restricted.

This means, our homes continue to be the focal points of our lives. It really is worth taking time to make the best possible version of it. When you take care of your home, you actually take care of yourself and your family. Because if you make time to appreciate your living space and take good care of it, it will nourish you back so much more. A home is our foundation, our shelter and a space of all creation.

Spring is going ahead with it's blossoms and not waiting to be 'released' or returned to 'normal' state. She is not minding on what humankind is doing, instead she does what she knows is necessary in this moment of time. She is not affected, or perhaps is even relieved as she has more peace than normally. Once again, we can learn from Nature and be adaptive to the situation we are in. We can decide to be creative, healthy, joyous, grateful and best versions of ourselves in any given situation. If we have a nourishing space that we absolutely adore, it is much easier to achieve all of that. And this is what Feng Shui is about. Creating a home or work space, ambience, a building or property where the needs of an occupant are met and specifically tailored for that person. A Chue Style Feng Shui is not about clutter clearing and placing crystals as a solution to our problems. However, very profound it is a study of environment, men and the sky. It understands and speaks the language of nature.

At the moment it is springtime, a time of new growth and fresh energy to come through and bring changes. If we incorporate this philosophy into our homes, we need to make space for that energy to come in. Nature in spring is like a young child, full of joy, full of energy, creativity and radiant health. These are the best qualities to be surrounded with, especially at this moment of time. So, I invite you to listen what nature has to say and then adapt this in your own space. You will be rewarded with a high vibrational energy in your home.

Detox for your home is a guide for you to purify your home of negative energy and create space for vibrant, fresh new energy to come in and nourish you. With these steps, you will create your own oasis of wellbeing, peace and comfort.

One of the key points is to keep your chi (energy) high and healthy. Home or any space may contribute to gather more positive chi in yourself, or it can lessen and even harm your energy. We live in a world that is surrounded with low frequencies, toxicity, radiation and other poisons. So we really need to stay protected as much as we can, especially in our own home. Bellow is my feng shui guide on how to detox your home and stay healthy.


My fist tip is simple. If you have broken things, appliances, gadgets or anything that is not working properly in your home, it actually reduces your energy. Broken things that belong to you and are in your environment for a longer period of time negatively affect your chi. As a result, it is harder to concentrate, to be productive, to stay healthy and positive, among other things. Broken things represents dead chi and for optimum health and wellbeing, you need to fix them. It also depends on the room where they are, the location where they fall into - this might also have an impact on a specific person of the household or on a specific health problem of that person.


With this tip I am telling you that less is more. When we are surrounded with many things, which are not in use regularly, we accumulate the blocking energy. This results in being stuck, getting ill, being lazy, getting more weight, procrastinating and just not moving forward.

Stuck energy in your home is sickness, same as in your body. When we fall ill, we have a blockage of chi somewhere in the body. Feng Shui is just like that, as it is the acupuncture of space. We need to make sure, that we have a good flow of fresh positive chi in our homes for our wellbeing and success.

Getting rid of things might be an overwhelming process for some people, but it is worth a shot. Start with small baby steps and do it consistently. You will create significant changes in a certain period of time.

This part includes all the visible items in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, study or office, children's rooms, as well as the garage, storage, laundry room, utility, etc. The goal is to go through all the rooms of your home, all the corners, cupboards, wardrobes, even book shelves. Dedicate some time daily or at least weekly to this process and be consistent until you go through the entire home.

With this step, you will create more space for the energy to circulate around your home. This is an important aspect in feng shui, especially in springtime. Make room for new fresh energy to vitalize your home and allow the new possibilities to enter.

Each room has a specific purpose and it's own essence in feng shui. When you create more space, this essence is more likely to come through and support you.


This step is really important and it can actually transform the energy of entire space!

Blockages are sometimes the sat chi or negative energy, that can cause anything from arguments, miss-understandings, health issues, bad relationships, fertility problems, financial issues and so on. They are a significant factor in any of my feng shui consultations and when corrected properly, thriving results are created.

Blockages in your home can be anything from: furniture placed in a wrong position, plants or objects that are not in a right proportion to a room (too large), toys lying on the floor all the time, clothes and shoes in a hallway, clutter in corners or any items that obstruct the smooth pathway through home. Be mindful that when you enter the room, the door needs to open full way, you can enter freely without thinking of hitting/ stepping onto something. Also, when entering any room, you want to avoid having a large piece of furniture in front of the door. Some living rooms I have seen, had a sofa or large console opposite to the door, just about 1-1,5 m away. That was clearly blocking the energy and suitable adjustments were made. Moreover, in some cases bedrooms have a bed placed in a way that obstructs the energy to coming in to the bedroom. Again, be mindful there is enough space so you can freely walk around the room and especially from door to windows and to another section of your home.

For smaller homes, it is crucial to have enough space for energy to circulate. They need to have furniture in the right proportion of the room and keep in mind that less is more. This particularly applies well in the bedroom.


Here I talk about feng shui for the bedroom. Sleep is one of the primary pillars of good health, strong immune system and feng shui is much associated to the quality of sleep. In fact it is one of the most common reasons people search my help for a feng shui consultation. A good feng shui in bedroom is very important, as bedroom represents the most important room of any home.

For a good quality sleep we need to consider several factors. From a feng shui perspective the bedroom needs to have a good form, the right location, as well as be suitable for the person who is sleeping there. (This last part is regarded to persons's bazi or their using element, as we need different things.) Ideally, we want to make sure that the bed where we sleep, actually matches our 'energetic DNA' and is supporting us. This can be done by angling the bed to one of the 64 directions of the compass, which is in precise alignment to the person's birth data. It is one of the methods that I use on my feng shui consultaions and it brings tremendous results. However, you can focus on creating a good form in your bedroom and if you know your ba zi, you might be able to choose the room as your bedroom that most supports you. (If you would like to learn about your supporting elements, get in touch and I can create a Ba Zi reading for you).

The best form for good feng shui in a bedroom is created when bed is positioned against a wall on which there are nor a window, nor a door. A bed needs to have a solid support behind, accompanied with a headboard. Above your head when lying in bed, there should be nothing - no shelves, no wall inclination, even no large or heavy picture frames. Secondly, you need to be able to see the room clearly, especially the door, when lying in bed.

Other factors for creating a good feng shui in the bedroom are having as little furniture in the bedroom as possible. Close all the cabinets, wardrobes, drawers when you sleep. Ideally you just want to aim for the bed, couple of night stands and a closet. Nothing more. There should be no mirrors in the bedroom, if there are cover them when you sleep.

Another big recommendation is to remove all electronic devices from your bedroom. That also includes your phone. All of those negatively affect your sleep and ability to renew.

Allow the fresh air in your bedroom, make it beautiful and clean. Finally, always make sure to make your bed in the morning. This is an important factor in creating good feng shui in the bedroom.

To sum this step up: place your bed against a solid wall with high headboard, have as little furniture and things in your bedroom as possible, no electronic devices, cover up any mirrors if you have some, make your bed in the morning.


In this step, I encourage you to spend at least one day a week with no wifi and to produce as little electro smog in your home as you possibly can. A great practice is to do that each night 1-2 hours before going to sleep as well.

A wifi radiation has a negative effect on our health, as it affects the immune system, the brain and the heart frequencies. One of steps for detoxifying your home is to limit this radiation. Your body will be grateful, as it will have a greater capacity to heal, renew and relax.

Electro smog is produced by any electronic appliance - radio, TV, computer, phone, printers, kitchen appliances, etc. It is also one of the toxins we are exposed to daily, so long term it has a negative effect. Spending time in nature eliminates or reduces that effect, because of the negative ions it produces.

This step will allow you to connect to your self, instead of to the wifi. You will be able to understand your home better and how you need to improve it in order to have more support in life.


The final step is to clean your home inside out. Take as much time as you need, as for a spring cleaning we usually need more days to finish. Wash everything you can, all your textiles you use in your home, clean the walls, inside of cupboards, everything that you can. If you only can do one thing, besides the regular cleaning you do in your home, I suggest you to clean the windows. Windows are the eyes of your home in feng shui perspective, as they represent your vision. Often, they are also associated with your future - depending on where they are. You really want to have clean windows, to be able to see things as they are and to have an ability of good eyesight. This enables you to grasp opportunities quicker and adapt to situation with more ease, as you can see clearly.

When cleaning, I recommend you to use more natural cleaning products, with less or no toxic chemicals inside.

Feel free to let me know how your Home Detox went on and email me if you have any questions.

Stay well, look after yourself & your home.

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