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As a Chue Feng Shui consultant, I pay a lot of attention to the form of the property, exterior surroundings and the front door. Most feng shui practitioners nowadays are unfamiliar with these concepts.

Each property is unique and the type of energy it attracts is determined by a variety of factors. Before giving the client advise, I thoroughly examine them.

One of my clients wanted to refurbish his home, so he asked me for a consultation. To his astonishment, I spent a significant amount of time examining the property's exterior, including the surrounds, the neighbourhood, the road leading to the house, as well as the back and front of the house. He assumed I would simply look at the interior and suggest the best colors for each room.

'Re-angle the front door' was one of my key recommendations. According to my Feng Shui analysis, the angle at which the entrance door faces is very quiet. I mentioned to my client that getting paid in this property would be very tough, using 64 kwa's on my Lo Pan and their 382 qualities of energies. Despite the fact that he had recently relocated to the property, he assured me that this was not the case. Secondly, I informed him that he may have challenges attracting a wife.

I integrate Ba Zi (Chinese asrology) in all my Feng Shui consultations, according to Chue Feng Shui, for best results. Money and wife are also intimately linked for a man, therefore these two factors were barred in that residence.

My client followed all of my interior design suggestions, but refused to change the front entrance.

There were issues with his compensation in the first month of his new employment and the company he works for kept delaying paying him. Secondly, he is still waiting for his girlfriend to move in with him, but she has never seen the house or entered it.

Even though his yearly fate says this is his lucky year for marriage, the front door is saying 'no'.

Unless he realigns the front door, the energy will not flow inside this property and he will struggle financially as well as remain alone.

Sometimes even a 0.5 degree can make all the necessary changes we need.

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