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Chow Fun is the name in Cantonese for the autumn equinox, the time of yin and yang being in balance. This year, it occurs on September 23rd. It is a significant point of the year, one of four major energy turning points of the year.

I take the seasonal energy into account when doing any Feng Shui or Ba Zi services. It is about acting with natural laws that can bring about successful outcome. Either it is for choosing an auspicious date for clients, asking the I ching or analysing a Ba Zi chart, the energy of the season is very important. Even when person is moving into a new home or office, the season plays a major role and it affects the quality of the move, as well as the luck ahead.

In my decades of studying Chue Style Feng Shui I came to realisation, that the seasonal energy is most powerful tool to use. First, we need to understand it to be able to use it for our benefit. The nature understands this, as a plant has it's own time to bloom, to give fruit and to dive into the roots to restore. Everything in our human world follows the same pattern, either we recognise it or not.

Autumn is related to abundance, joy and harvest time. The first full moon in September is called the Harvest or the Golden moon and is one of most admired moons in the year. This moon is so bright that in the times before electricity, the farmers used the light of the moon and were dependent on it to harvest late into the night. The next autumn full moon is also special and known in Chinese culture. The Mid-Autumn festival originated from moon worship that celebrated the harvest. Therefore, the autumn moon is traditionally associated with celebration and gathering. Both qualities relate to the corresponding elements of autumn - metal and earth. Autumn reflects change, as everything in nature puts on the show of colours, before it loses everything. It is the season of outside transformation, whereas the winter is internal transformation. Storing what is essential and letting go of what no longer serves us is the message of autumn time. Removing or reducing everything that is unnecessary and preserving are nice ways of taking care and thanking your home and surroundings. Chue Style Feng Shui is all about understanding nature and going with its rhythms. Slowly and progressively the yin energy becomes more noticeable - with cooler days and longer nights etc. Nature gives us many signals when Chi is changing. We just need to be observant. For example, at the beginning of autumn the daylight becomes more yellowish. In summer, the air on a clear, sunny day is lighter blue in colour. The more we step into autumn, the more yellow/ golden the daylight becomes. It is not only the colour that changes. It is also the scent. Have you noticed how the smell is different in the air when autumn approaches? The scent changes long before leaves drop to the ground. This is especially noticeable in the country side, where energy is purer. Here, nature speaks louder than in the cities. If you can, make a connection with nature as much as possible. This is also the time to do things more externally - like nature showing us the outer transformation of colourful leaves that are then dropped later on. This is the last time to get things done in your home. Take a closer look at your home and fix everything that needs to be fixed. Devote some time to home organising. This is best done before winter, as then it is time for inner work, such as researching, studying, reading and meditating. It is not the time to make big home transformations that disturbs the quietness. Taking care of your own home and health will prepare you for times when changes come.

Autumn advice:

• Take care of your lungs by protecting your chest & throat and do breathing practices • Avoid any worry, anger or sadness • Drink warm beverages and avoid any cold food or drinks • Eat mainly cooked food • Eat more root vegetables and more protein • Preserve your own energy by being calm and controlling your emotions • Relax and take time to do things; do not rush. Take time for pleasure and enjoy yourself • As the nights grow longer, it is time to rest/ sleep more • Avoid excessive talking • Let go of things that you no longer need

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