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Understand your surroundings and learn to benefit from them.

Feng Shui was developed over thousands of years ago. It is a powerful science about the environment in order to ensure the highest quality of living for human beings.

Our immediate surroundings have a significant influence over our life. The environment where we live has one third of the entire impact on our life. Imagine, that is 33%!

The Taoist philosophy recognises 3 types of lucks that have influence over our lives and destiny : HEAVEN< HUMAN > EARTH LUCK

We have the power to align our earth luck to our benefit with Feng Shui. This is the environment where we live and work.

In ancient times, we were more connected with nature, intuition and less distracted with technology. The world was a much purer place to live. There was an inner compass in all of us, that has now lost its direction for many.

The animals still carry that wisdom within them and therefore know by intuition which is the best spot for them to rejuvenate while asleep.

Chue Style Feng Shui is very much connected with nature as it speaks its language. Feng Shui is about understanding any environment and the movement of Chi to bring the best out of any habitat. We have many methods and techniques to evaluate environments and to ensure the best flow of chi is enabled for specific property and resident. Chue Style Feng Shui is far from intuitive, however it reads the words of nature. Even though this is an ancient science from 4000 years ago, it can still be applied today and in any time to come. The laws of nature never change, just adapt.

If you are ready to set your environment for your personal support, so that you can achieve what you want, then embark on the journey of discovering the real Feng Shui with me. You can join me on my live on-line Feng Shui course or make an appointment for a feng shui consultation from your home or work space. In this times it is crucial to align your home for the maximum support that you deserve and need. I offer variety of services, some available as online consultations. I would like to help you improve your life for real.

My online Feng Shui course is a foundation course in Chue Style Feng Shui. It is a fascinating feng shui course, that goes very deep into the wisdom and teaches many secrets and techniques that are unique and authentic to our style. After this online Feng Shui course you will be able to optimise your home environment and create a more balanced space. This course is an absolute foundation and a stepping stone to all my further feng shui courses and trainings. After completing this Feng Shui course you will be able to continue with more advanced subjects. It is often taken by complete beginners, as well as feng shui practitioners, as it is known to be very detailed and nothing like anything else.

With this amazing Feng Shui course online, you will be able to apply simple but powerful FENG SHUI tools to bring balance and harmony in your surroundings. They will positively affect your life as a result.

What will you learn on the Foundation Feng Shui course online training:

  • How the placement of furniture can help optimise the flow and circulation of energy within a space.

  • Selecting appropriate colours and forms can energise and complement the function of a room.

  • Applying design principles can create the ideal bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, study and office.

  • To identify beneficial and harmful energies that can affect your living environment

  • To assess external and internal surroundings of your property to understand the environment they create.

I am excited to embark on this journey with you and to guide you towards creating a nourishing, loving and prosperous home that supports you in all areas of life.

To enrol in this course, get in touch:

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