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The client approached me for a Feng Shui consultation to improve his career. He was not getting as many clients as he wanted. He described his situation at the time, as stuck and obstructed. The client found it difficult to get things done.

The client was working from home, which was a one-bedroom apartment. Most of the apartment was occupied by things he used for his work like notebooks, paperwork, old files, books, electronic equipment and so on. The apartment was quite yin, as it didn't get much daylight and it was full of heavy dark furniture.

There was not a definitive space for his office and his small desk was facing a wall.

Of course, in these types of conditions, no opportunities could reach him! Understanding the Feng Shui laws of form school, this was done in only a few minutes.

Since this was an apartment with no exterior space, the whole Feng Shui consultation was done indoors, as that was the only place where the client could apply the recommendations.

Firstly, the form was corrected. My main focus of the consultation was on the office and the bedroom. These were the two main problem areas according to Feng Shui assessment.

A proper office corner was created in the right location, which was active and supportive to the client. Then the 'power position' of the room was cleared, which was blocked by big furniture.

Secondly, the compass school was applied using special skills that are unique to the Chue Style Feng Shui. This is where the real magic happened. The desk was repositioned to generally improve the form. Then the desk was aligned to a specific measurement according to the Lopan. This measurement perfectly matched the client's birth date and offered him support. Also, a Buddha was placed inside the apartment on a very precise measurement, which combined with the desk orientation and the owner. So, the three measurements worked together.

There were other suggestions made for this property and the client followed them all. However, the power of the three measurements working together was the real secret that made all the difference for this client.

Within 3 months he received many phone calls from old clients asking for additional services. He also gained many new clients that brought new possibilities coming his way. Besides the improvements in his career, he no longer felt stuck and was able to get many more things done with greater ease.

When you apply our Chue Style Feng Shui principles they last for many years. There is no need to change the office position each year!

None of the changes included any renovations. So, the costs were very low. Therefore, the client’s financial situation improved significantly.

Did you know that the activation of the star called ‘The Racing Horse’ can help to get things done quickly, accelerating results? It can appear in a person's horoscope (Ba Zi). It can also be activated in certain properties and it can be used in date selection for fast results.

Our methods are very ancient. They come from a true lineage of great Masters. This is the power of our knowledge and our pure connection.

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