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Being an expat in Portugal for over 10 years now, I am constantly amazed by this culture and the breath taking beauty of the natural environment.

During my time as an expat in Portugal, I have encountered many real estates. Personally, I have lived in 4 different houses and apartments and professionally I have seen hundreds.

Most of them have one thing in common : poor construction. They are not isolated and mainly the heating system is either non existing or not functioning sufficiently. I have visited properties in the north, central, coastal regions, as well as in the south of the country.

From a feng shui perspective I can say that most properties in Portugal are too yin. Yin represents the dark, female, cold energy. In terms of real estate, especially for older and traditional construction, yin means that the houses are cold and damp. These two aspects create a very yin energy, which is out of balance especially during winter time. It is hard to remain healthy in the long term in such houses. As a consequence of majority of houses in Portugal being too yin, people who live in such houses (again, the majority) have poor health, low performance, reduced productivity and even lowered fertility. This is a very serious issue in properties all around Portugal. I have never experienced more cold and dampness during winter months than here in Portugal, despite the fact that I come from Slovenia where we have snowy and cold winters. Another yin aspect of Portuguese real estate is that most apartments and houses have very little outdoor place or none. It is common to make extremely large rooms and living areas and have no outdoor space. This is another concept that does not go well with the climate and natural laws. The climate is very pleasant year long and as people spend more and more time working, it is necessary to compensate spending time in nature or connected to it by an outdoor place, such as terrace or a garden.

Portugal is a very warm and sunny country, which is yang. However, the construction doesn't capture this aspect. It is something to be very mindful when searching for property in Portugal. From a feng shui perspective, I have to say this is my number one tip:

Good sun exposure of the property, sufficient exterior space and the quality of construction.

Next, I will explain in more detail the key things to focus on when searching for property in Portugal, from a feng shui perspective.


If you are buying a property in Portugal, first thing to notice is the floorpan. Especially if you are still living abroad when searching for property. The more balanced the floor plan, the more chances are the property is balanced. Balanced floor plan means that there are no missing areas. The shape of land itself should be a square or a rectangular shape. This same principle applies for the floor plans of the houses, apartments, shops, offices or any other premises. This is a general rule.

Missing areas are relating to some aspects of our lives being weak. Each property is related to different family members, body parts, organs and life aspects. Those are divided in different areas around the property. When one or few of them are missing, it will negatively affect that specific area/family member/health aspect.

When buying a house in Portugal or a vila, the slope of the land is also very important. It is not auspicious if the front of the house is sloping down (away). Also, it is not favourable if it's sloping away from the front door. A house wants to hold on to the energy and the energy is like water. When the land is on a slope, it is flowing away. We always want the chi to come into the property and not away. When chi is flowing the right way, we experience good health, positive financial flow, increased prospects and possibilities, attract interesting and inspiring people, have fulfilling careers and so on. On the opposite, when energy is going away from the property, it always results in financial loses, missed opportunities and poor health.

There is a way to correct this. Feng shui is the tool to analyse the energy of the property and apply suitable changes, sometimes to correct the form and to influence the quality of energy that is aligned to the property. With feng shui consultation I asses the energy of any space - be it commercial or residential and recommend the needed improvements.


The second tip when buying a property in Portugal is to mindfully notice the front of the property. Front is usually where the main door/entrance is located. Or where the largest windows are and the property is connected to the outside with the road, pathway, driveway. This is usually where the chi enters the property and where it is receiving you.

The front needs to be open and with a good view. Either to have something attractive in the front garden or opposite of the property. This view is actually really important as it represents your future.

The front is also the first thing you see when you come to the house. It is like the face of property and it needs to make a good first impression.

Imagine if the front of the house, or the front neighbourhood, there is something unattractive, neglected, a deserted building or even bin wastes for entire street - this is the energy you will be bringing into the house every single day. So make sure the front feels comfortable and is reflecting something beautiful, well maintained, with nice landscape and feels open. The house needs to be welcoming on the first sight, this is why the curb appeal is so important. However don't focus on the house alone, be mindful on what is around it also- what can you see when you stand at the door looking out and what is surrounding a house. Be also attentive to the way/road/pathway that is coming towards the property. It is another channel of chi or energy, as it is like a vain in the body transporting oxygen to the organs. This too is considered in a feng shui consultation.


As I've mentioned before a good sun exposure is key in Portugal properties.

Orientation of property is a base or a foundation for several feng shui calculations in order to determine the quality of energy and how it is aligning with the potential owner.

There are few points within the property that are measured during a feng shui consultation, using a feng shui compass Lo pan. These points are generally the site (back of property), the front, the main door, the back door, the gate, the road to the property, the pathway leading to the front door, among the main ones. They are all considered in a feng shui analysis, as are the owner's birth data. The key is to create balance of each individual property and to align it to the owner's own personal chi. This is all done using feng shui principles, which are very practical, logical and related to the natural laws.

The orientation of property can give a lot of guidance when buying home in Portugal.

Properties that are aligned on the cardinal directions (N-S, E-W) seem to have a stronger energy and can be more supportive for most people. The properties that are aligned to sub-cardinal directions (NE-SW, SE-NW) tend to have more challenging energies and are more difficult to handle for most people.

Personally, I work with 64 directions of a compass. Each one of them is related to one of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching and they have their own quality of energy. Feng shui style that I practice is so specific and so perfected. So within 8 directions, there are 8 sub directions and each carries their own quality, is suitable for specific people or type of business.

Mostly, I align properties, either business or residential to be more suited for owners. This in practice creates more support, health, wellbeing and success for people that are living and working in such properties.

As a general rule, I recommend finding properties that are on 4 cardinal directions.

For properties that are facing north and this is also where the front door is: they are more yin. People living in such properties are more reserved and like their privacy. If you are one of those people, search for a property that is facing north.

On the other hand, properties that are facing south (with main door also there) are more social, extroverted and joyous.

Properties that are facing east are very creative, entrepreneurial and full of vitality.

Properties facing west are more relaxed, good for evening gatherings and leisure activities. They are generally good for holiday homes.

If you are buying property in western coastal area of Atlantic, be aware of the constant northern winds. They too are important consideration when searching for property. The wind disperses and blows away the chi, so in feng shui perspective it is not good if a house is on a very windy area. Avoid the most windy areas if possible. Make sure the house has a protected area from the wind (south) where you will be able to enjoy the exterior - ideally a garden or terrace should be located there. If not, at least make sure there are large windows in this part.


Most villas and upscale properties in Portugal have swimming pools. It is a most desired feature in real estate among expats living in Portugal.

A swimming pool or any other water feature is related to wealth in feng shui. There are certain positions at the property where it is favourable to have a swimming pool. Property is like a human body and feng shui is like the acupuncture. It triggers certain points to assure a healthy and abundant flow of energy throughout the property. The water features and swimming pools are moving bodies of water element, which is the strongest of all five elements. When swimming pool is positioned in an unsupportive area, it negatively affects the finances and health. I take great consideration and precision when designing new-build properties, to position swimming pool at the right position. It needs to energetically match the property and the owners so they can have a positive influence on their wealth.

Generally, swimming pools are best when placed in the north, the south or the south east of the property. These are currently the best locations. However, it still depends on an individual property and people living there. However, when you are searching for property in Portugal, choose the one with the swimming pool in either of those 3 positions.

If you would like more tips on how to find best property for you, get in touch.

Property hunting can be overwhelming. Finding the right property requires investing time, energy and money. If all this is at stake - isn't it worth finding the most suitable property for your needs in the first place?

Properties that support us make our life more easy, enjoyable, healthier and more abundant. There is a greater chance to create the life of our dreams in the property that is energetically supportive. You can manifest your dream life, through the support of your home.

It is much easier to choose the right property for yourself and your family right at the beginning, then trying to balance or correct the architectural mishaps later on when you are already settled in. Feng shui can help in both cases. But it is more time and financially effective to choose the right property according to feng shui in the first place.

If you are buying property in Portugal, get in touch and I will create a personal offer based on your needs. My goal is to recommend the best possible property that will be energetically aligned to you personally and provide you with wellbeing, abundance and positive flow of energy.

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