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Module c is a professional, top level training course for those wishing to become Feng Shui practitioners. This course provides extremely detailed information, many practical examples, real consultations, theoretical explanations and mentoring for students. However, several hours of self-study per week are advisable to fully understand the depth of information passed on the course.

This is the best available training of classical Feng Shui one can get in modern times.


What will you learn?

  • The 10,000 Year Chinese Calendar – solar and lunar timing system

  • Basics of Ba Zi – Chinese horoscope or 4 pillars of destiny

  • The 12 palaces – lifecycle of different pulses of Chi

  • The Tung Sing Almanac for daily activities

  • Date Selection

  • Yuen Hom Hexagrams

  • Yuen Hom Kwas

  • Sam Hap Flying Stars

  • The Water Dragon Method

  • 24 Imperial Heaven Stars

  • Lap Yang Elements

  • Missing numbers

  • 72 Dragons and 120 Fin Kam

  • The Lo Pan – feng shui compass

  • The Line Dragon or Chi calculation

  • Feng Shui ruler 

  • Practical examples, site visits and case studies

  • Practical consultation



You may attend Module C training only if you have successfully completed Module A and Module B courses (at any Chue Style school).

Module C training is suitable for those who wish to become qualified Chue Style Feng Shui consultants.


The training prepares the student for a final examination of the Chue foundation. The exam, theoretical and practical, takes place 2 months after finishing Module C training. By successfully completing the exam, the student gets accredited with the Certificate of practice.

DURATION: 2 years

SESSIONS: 8 sessions of 3 days (24 day)

REQUIRES: 5 hours per week of home study

TEACHER:  approved Module C teacher

COURSE FEE: upon request

LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal

COURSE DATES : to be announced

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