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The year of the water rabbit starts with this winter solstice, which is December 22nd. Dung Gee,or winter solstice carries a significant energetic shift, being a turning point in the year. It is when the old energy decays and the beginning of new energy arises. This is the time of inner transformation, as the changes taking place deep in the roots are not visible yet and energy is still very quiet.

The Year of Water rabbit may be another challenging one. It is not the easiest year economically and for global leadership. There are forecasted many catastrophes worldwide and it seems peace and agreement are not so close.

Mainly, we can expect the rise in prices of food and daily necessities alongside other modalities. Economically it is not going to be a strong year.

The best prospects are held in the South during 2023.

In Chue Style Feng Shui we look at yearly predictions from many different angles and use various techniques to analyze the effects of the year globally, as well as within particular properties.

Annualy, I make sure my client’s properties are aligned well with the energetic influences of the year. Each year some of the positions need to be balanced to ensure the optimal energy.

For a short period of time only, I am providing annual feng shui consultations.

In my practice I also offer annual Prediction in forms of reports for clients, which is a general prediction fand overview of the year ahead and a month-by-month detailed guide.

How the year is going to affect us individually, it much depends on the person’s yearly fate. It is a Chinese tradition that by the end of the year, people seek for feng shui & ba zi advisers to calculate their annual fate, based on their horoscope (Ba Zi).

I use a high-skill method to calculate a personal yearly fate and offer advice on:

  • health, travel, opportunities, finances, career, property, children, relationships and more. Personal questions are always addressed and advice given.

These are very detailed and accurate providing a map for the entire year ahead. It is an excellent ‘secret weapon’ for businesses, as well as individuals who want to be prepared, grab opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

In 2023 six standing positions out of 12 are unfavourable. These people should be extra careful, avoid going to hospitals, gravesites and wear a protection during the year.

If you are interested in the Yearly Prediction, would like to know your Yearly Fate, or have an Annual Feng Shui consultation get in touch with me to book a limited time offer.

All my ‘annual services’ are only available from November - February.

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