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My Story

I was always drawn to interiors and architecture design, as well as I was completely in love with beautiful nature, landscape. Hence, I started working in a high class interior design company after finishing university. I learned many things and one of them was that beautiful and expensive furniture does not create a home. There was something missing. No matter how spectacular an interior could look, if it didn’t feel right, it was missing the essence.

During the years of my feng shui studies I have discovered the essence of any space - the core or nature of a home, of an office space, hotel or any property. It means to understand its true nature and make it right for the resident.

Later on, I was lucky enough to start studying with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah on a regular basis. Now I have completed over 20 of his courses, and I continue to do more every year. It is fascinating me that the more I learn, the more I realise how much there is still to know. 

This is my passion and purpose in life. I am truly grateful having this opportunity to study with one of most knowledgable and authentic feng shui masters and be able to share my knowledge with people who wish to improve their life & business and be willing to trust the process on the way.

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