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Any excess creates inbalance. It can be excess of one element if looking at the person’s Ba Zi, or excess of Yin or Yang. This inbalance is then always reflected in our lives.

A person with excess Yin energy can become ill very quickly and much likely, they will need long time to recuperate after sickness. This person is also negative thinking, tends to be closed up, is not confident, lacks vitality and life energy and is often timid, shy, emotional. An overly Yin person is usually fearful and worried, or even sad. These negative emotions are stored in kidney (水 element), spleen/ stomach (土 element) and the lung (金 element). All these elements (water, metal and some types of earth) are containing the declining energy (yin).

It is difficult to control their emotions, when they come, or they are surpressed. They can easily become depressed, lethargic and their mind is not strong, but easily influenced. They cannot control their own energy well. They like to dwell in negative feelings, it is hard for them to start something new and take action. They will need a long time to finish something and will probably be complaining a lot while doing it.

Person with excess yin energy will also have fertility issues, as their energies are not balanced. To conceive, we need yang energy, the action and rising chi. It is also harder for relationship between a man and a woman.

Having an excess Yin in our bodies is also caused by our lifestyle. If a person doesn’t live in agreement with natural laws, daily cycle and the seasons, it is easy to become unbalanced. For example, a person who stays up late in the night, especially during winter time will create more yin energy in their body. As the body doesn’t rest and rejuvenate, it cannot generate the vitality (yang).

Those who stay inside the house all day and miss out on the morning rising chi, also create an excess yin. The house is yin and the outside is yang. Staying inside all day, even in winter and spring, creates more yin.

When the house is humid, or cold it is even much worse. These people are always sick during winter months, catching colds and caught.

Furthermore, a vegetarian person has more yin in their body as their fuel is yin (vegetable). Vegetarians should take more care of not having an excess yin energy in their lives. They need to go outside on the sunshine during day time, to receive the yang energy. They should also eat more warming foods and drink hot water with ginger during winter and spring time.

If a person stays indoors all day and only takes a walk to see the sunset, or go out at night, they completely miss the daily yang energy. The declining energy of late afternoon and evening is yin.

What to do in such cases?

A person who is too yin, needs to follow the cycle of the sunshine. Wake up early and get outside for a walk, to catch the early rising chi of wood. At least make morning excercise or stretching. It is also good if they do excercise outdoors when the sun is out, especially during spring and autumn time. They also need to watch their diet, not eating raw foods in winter and spring.

It is beneficial to activate the energy in their home, making it more yang - open, light, spacious and warm. It is better if they have small children around, or pets. In their environment they can use more plants, especially flowers, such as orchids, or fresh cut flowers. Their home should not be cluttered, cold, dark, or humid. It helps if the ceilings are high and rooms seem more open. Heavy and dark furiniture is also not apporpriate, as it is very yin.

Otherwise, socialise with friends, but not going out drinking at night. Spend time only with positive and inspiring people. Also wear more colors on their clothes; uplifting colors such as greens, purples, pink, red. If their hair is too long, they can cut it and wear it shorter, as this will also enhance yang energy.

Spend as much time on the sunshine and in the fresh air, ideally in nature. Even nature is yin, but it is full of life (yang energy), and negative ions that can recharge a person very quickly. Avoid gossiping and spending time with negative people. Also avoid going to yin places, such as hospitals, gravesites, churches.

“Yin is looking for yang and yang is looking for yin.” Grand Master Chan Kun Wah

For everything in life, the key is in the balance. When we are off balance, we need to quickly readjust and not dwell in that state.

For more tips on how to regain balance in your life, get in touch.

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