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One of my clients, who was always travelling the world searching for work opportunities told me that since their beautiful home was built, they don’t need to go anywhere in the world. For the first time in their life, they truly feel at home and the work always finds them instead of the other way around.

Now this is the power of real feng shui!

Another name for Feng Shui is Ham Yuu. It means looking up to see the sky and looking down to see the ground. Real Feng Shui addresses astrology, as well as geography among other aspects.

The most important part of Ham Yuu is sensing the Chi. Chi is the intangible life force that exists in all living beings, plants and environment. The translation of Chi could also be a ‘breath of life’. Sang Chi or the vital energy is the provider of energy to all living things. There can be no life without Sang Chi.

If we can catch the good Sang Chi in our living & working spaces, people will have good life.

This type of Chi follows 2 main rules:

‘If there is a strong wind the Chi will be blown away, If the Chi meets water, it will stop.

This is why Feng Shui is also called ‘wind and water’. It relates to the natural environment and its forces. The principles of feng shui are based on studying the natural environment as well as the observations of the sky, as everything moves and changes with time.

Same as the health of the person is determined by the way chi flows through the meridians or pathways of the body, similarly we look at the condition of the house, garden or cities in feng shui. Feng Shui is like the acupuncture of space.

However, a doctor who gives the wrong diagnosis will only harm the patient. When a feng shui practitioner gives the wrong advice, the entire family or entire business can be affected.

In Chue Style Feng Shui we concentrate on researching the natural environment with the intention of providing a benefit to its inhabitants. We pay a great deal of attention to the surroundings of the house/ building; the back must be higher than the front and the front shouldn’t be sloping away to stop the Chi from flowing away. The left- and right-hand side need to be balanced to grab the chi. The view is also very important and we want it to be open and nice looking. It represents our future.

The aim of Feng Shui is to harness the beneficial Sang Chi and avoid the negative Sat Chi in our surroundings.

Feng Shui offers solutions to counteract the elements of poor design and aims to create balance in the environment and harmony in the lives of the occupants.

All man-made and natural environments are subject of feng shui. Where we live and work has a profound influence over our lives and business. When we are placed in the harmonious, supporting surroundings that are ideally suited to their function and purpose we are energized, experience vitality, creativity, good health, our productivity increases, we become organized and effective, our communication improves, we get more opportunities, advance in career, more money comes in, our relationships become more harmonious. In fact, all areas of life can be affected and enhanced with feng shui.

The immediate effect of good feng shui people notice, not even my clients but those who come to my home for a chat, is how good they feel. I’ve heard people say they just feel so comfortable, they don’t want to leave, or how happy they feel just by being in the room. My house is nothing special, it just has good feng shui ☺

In Feng Shui, apart from the surroundings and external environment, the yin and yang principles, we also focus on architecture, design and internal layouts.

It all has an effect on us: the layouts of the property, distribution of rooms and spaces, placement of furniture within a room, as well as colors, designs and forms used in each room and section. All these things contribute to our wellbeing and overall success.

Another aspect that is very important in feng shui is the study of orientations. Each direction has specific qualities and in Chue Style Feng Shui we work with the 64 directions derived from the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. We further analyze them and we fine-tune properties according to 382 qualities of those 64 directions. This is a very complex and detailed technique that is also very powerful.

Design principles are definitely part of Feng Shui, but they are far from being the whole picture. I work with colors, shapes, designs and architectural layouts inside and outside of property to assure the positive flow of Chi into the property. I also work with the front door, gates and entryways to the property as these are the channels that lead in the energy. The quality of energy should be recognized by a feng shui practitioner and advice needs to be given to strengthen or balance this energy. Any advice given should be do-able and practical that makes the life of the occupants easier.

My clients report significant changes after feng shui recommendations are applied. Instantly, they notice better sleep. I usually place a great deal of attention to the bedroom, to make sure it is restorative. Secondly, they notice their relationships improve. Relationships with their spouse, with their children and even with family members who are not living at the property. Our human interactions and relations are a foundation for many of our endeavors, so they are very important when creating good feng shui.

I also hear my clients say their financial situation has improved after my feng shui consultation, or they get a dream client who they’ve been searching for.

In many cases, the health improves significantly. I’ve had clients with all sorts of health issues or at least compromised wellbeing. Good health is the most valuable thing in our lives, although we take it for granted when we have it. Feng Shui analysis detects all blockages in the house & garden that are negatively affecting the health of specific occupants. The recommendations are to remove those blockages whatever they may be and to assure the positive flow of energy through the property. This is then felt as a health improvement in residents.

In my new-build consultations, when a house is designed from scratch according to Feng Shui principles & tailored to the clients Ba Zi, people notice how powerful feng shui architecture really is. Many of my clients who decide to build feng shui into their construction or renovation projects become feng shui enthusiasts! They experience the value of good feng shui and from there it is no way back. How beautiful is that!

Top benefits you can expect after real feng shui is applied:

  1. Better sleep

  2. Improved health & wellbeing

  3. Harmonious relationships

  4. Enhanced career (through more clients, better opportunities, landing dream clients, changing/ advancing in job)

  5. More money

  6. Being peaceful and joyous

Tell me, is there anything you would like to change in your life? What would that be?

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