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2022 is the year of the Water Tiger and February 1st, 2022 is the first lunar new year day.

It is also known as the Spring Festival when traditionally the arrival of the spring and the rise of new energy was celebrated.

Each year has a distinctive energy. In Taoist wisdom traditions the quality of the year is described through the language of the five elements, the yin- yang and the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching.

Depending how this energetic composition of the year is interacting with the person's Ba Zi and their Yearly Fate, we can determine what the year is going to be like for an individual and how it will impact them.

The yearly prediction is a calculation, based on several methods of Chue Style Feng Shui (Ba Zi, I Ching, Chee Ba Flying Stars, etc) to forecast most likely events and directions that energy of the year will flow towards and predict the consequences.

What is the year of the Tiger going to be like?

According to the Yearly prediction, the water tiger year is going to bring us changes.

Tiger in its essence is a very patient and quiet animal, excellent in hiding and observing. Once they decide to attack, they are one of the fastest animals in the world. There is nothing stopping them on their way. It is a very fierce animal, but can stay quiet and at one place for long.

In eastern cultures tiger is the king of the jungle. When they roar, everyone hears them. They have the biggest authority among animals. They are also very fast in their actions.

The stem sitting on top of tiger in 2022 is Yum; yang water. Therefore the tiger, being the wood element, is fed by the water stem from above. The 2 elements water and wood are in harmony.

Water is an element that is in constant motion. When water stays still, it becomes poisonous. In nature, there is always movement within water, either on the surface or below. Water is linked to transportation, travel and communication among many things.

Wood element represents growth, fresh energy. It is related to the rising sun and the trees - energy is reaching upwards. Wood is about action, however their roots need to be strong. Wood element represents education, agriculture, food in general (specific foods belong to specific element) among other things.

The year of the Tiger brings changes, because it is also the the first rising position. The hours that belong to the tiger are 3-5 am. This is the time that brings light from the darkness, even if we cannot see it yet. It is the change bringer. Tiger is also linked to fire and the sun. When formed together in a 3 combination it forms fire element. This is the link to the rising energy of the Sun. It's own position is the NE, third section, being close to the East. Tiger shifts the energy from night to daytime and it has a tremendous power within. It also represents month of February, which is the start of the spring and the lunar new year, according to the Taoist solar-lunar calendar. Tiger is the first month of the year, hence showing his authority and leadership skills. It is not afraid to show its potential, it is very courageous to lead the team forward into the new light.

During the Year of the Tiger, the position of the NE should be respected. This is the location of the yearly leader and should not be disturbed with renovations or digging into the ground. If you want to connect to the energy of the year, respect the NE in your own home - make it nice, clean and open. You can also face the NE when you do spiritual work, such as prayer, meditation, or give gratitude.

The tiger year announces the start of new energy. It is related to 'Human Chi' which means there are going to be many changes relating people, how we function as a society. In Human chi years, people also need to work harder to get results or because of natural disasters that bring additional challenges into people's lives. The changes that can be expected during 2022, the year of the water tiger, relate to the movement of people. Movement of all sorts; travel, new legislations, taxes, regulations, systems and so on.

It will affect movement of people, such as going back to the office and new work conditions or customs. Changes will also affect travel, communication, transportation, tourism (water), as well as education, agriculture (wood).

If we have strong roots, like a big healthy tree, then these changes will be easier to handle. We can also expect the changes to be very sudden. It is the energy of the water tiger to act fast and be in motion. It is also the energy of the current 9th fate that lasts for 27 years. So the fast energy is doubled up in 2022.

So far, we have been in more or less dormant state. The year of the Ox, 2021 the energy was stuck. It was difficult to push through the thick energy of the earth element. Ox animal also has a very stable and slow nature, however it is very hardworking. The Ox is related to the 'Earth Chi' which is slower and long lasting. The year before, the famous year of the rat of 2020, was quite the opposite. It brought a tsunami like energy that spread fast all over the world. The metal rat is related to the 'Heaven Chi' and the energy is always fast that is beyond our control. After the flood of tsunami (heaven chi), we needed to rebuild the foundations (earth chi) in 2021 with the help of the Ox and now the tiger is leading us forward with humans adapting to the new standards (human chi).

The year of the water tiger is also closely linked with the year of the metal ox 2021. According to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, the energy of the two connects. So what has been set up in previous year, it will continue to develop in 2022 but with greater intensity. The energy is not stuck or dormant anymore, the tiger is waking up and we will all hear his roar.

If wood element is your using element, according to you Ba Zi, then this year might be a favourable one for you. However, be prepared to take quick actions when opportunity comes. This is not the time to wait and postpone anymore. It is the time for action.

Health-wise, the global situation will improve. It is important however, to take the yin approach in this year of the water tiger. All the lines of a hexagram are yang, except for 1 yin line inside of this year's hexagram. This is the key, the solution of the situation. Taking the yin approach means being patient, calm and not rushing. Although the energy is fast, we need to be well grounded and calm to think with clear minds. The yin approach also means being kind, grateful and open-hearted. Be flexible and willing and remember to take time for relaxation and wellbeing. Taking care of our health has become more important than ever. Not only because of the pandemic, but also because of the fast constant changes and regulations that we are going through. The mind has become more affected than ever before, so taking care of the mental health is of upmost importance during 2022. This also relates to having Yin approach - make sure to spend time outside in nature, connect with oneself and make your home more yin. Create spaces where you can relax, enjoy the company of a good book or cup of tea. Creating soft, healing ambiences in the right places of our home can make such a difference to our wellbeing.

The economy is still quite fragile and the financial markets can go up and down. It is expected that the prices will increase, especially of the daily products that we use (food, water, necessities). There will also be problems with transportations, along with natural disasters in certain months.

Feng Shui Tips:

  • Avoid sleeping in the North during 2022, it can negatively affect the kidneys, urinary tract, hearing or sexual organs

  • South is the best location during 2022, facing South during promotions/ advertisement/ launches can bring about good results

  • Do not start any renovations in the NE of your property this year

  • Tai Chi or the central position has the 5 yellow sickness star and is very active along with other stars in that sector. Avoid travelling to the middle east or centre of the country in 2022

For more information about the Year of the Water Tiger and how it will affect you, your family and your property, get in touch. There are plenty of tings we can do to grasp the opportunities, if we know how. Understanding what kind of energy the year is bringing, we can also adapt our actions and avoid many mishaps.

Wishing you all the best in the year of the water tiger! May wellbeing and prosperity enter your homes.

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