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We all know how stressed and fast paced our lives have become in the last years. Especially for those living in the cities, it is almost impossible to stay away from the hustle.

This is actually the global energy of the 9th fate, which is the current fate, as we call it in feng shui. Eeverything moves in cycles. The fate we are in is establishing the rhythm or the frequency of happenings around the globe. It also affects our brain, relationships with other people, technology, development, among many other things.

One of the main characteristics of the 9th fate is that everything is happening really fast and the changes are also rapid and sudden.

In this article, I want to write about the importance of slowing down at this very moment, as this is the only way to cope with the fast and unpredictable nature of the 9th fate (which will last for another 24 years).

Luckily, we have tools in Chue Style Feng Shui that help us understand and adapt to any situation and create homes that balance the negative energies of the surroundings, as well as balance the global energetic effects.

One of the calculations, called the Jee Bat flying stars, show us that for all of the houses (regardless of their orientation, as this repeats in every single one) have mainly crushing energy during the 9th fate. This is also one of the reasons why life is so challenging at times, why the relationships became harder, the communication is often less than ideal and makes it difficult to stay calm. It all adds up to being stresses and anxious. This energetic influence also happen to have a negative effect on the mind, health in general and relationships. This is why it is so important to create a balanced home and know how to correct these negative impacts.

Creating a zen like home will encourage tranquility and harmony in our immediate environment and this will allow us to release the accumulated stress, worry and anxiety. We need to be able to relax in our own home, to be able to cope with life. To relax on a regular basis, a jacuzzi or massage is just not enough. Sometimes a property can look beautiful with high-end interior design, but this alone will not bring it the harmony that it needs. If things are not used, designed and incorporated in a proper manner, no matter how expensive or beautiful they look, they will not provide support needed, much less create a harmonic end healthy environment.

Feng Shui is not about design and architecture, although it embraces both. It is much more than that, it is a science about environment. How to create the most supportive, nourishing and abundant environment in our home and work, is the key of feng shui.

Balanced property with good feng shui has numerous advantages. It gives us support (yes, that's right a property should offer us support!), encourages good health and wellbeing, has a positive effect on relationships with family, spouse, friends, stimulates wealth and career prospects, our confidence and the way we see the world.

Feng shui is about creating balance in our life. If the energy of the world is stressed, worried, filled with ill health, fast and changing, we need to create a home that has more qualities of the opposite. Like living in the country side if possible, creating a zen home, connecting with nature, adopting a healthy lifestyle and so on.

Feng Shui tips to create a nourishing home:

  1. Avoid the crushes - Anything that encourages the conflicting energy in your home is not desirable. This can be sharp corners (exterior and interior) or walls, furniture. Spiky plants, such as cactuses are not advisable, as they create very sharp energy. Also too many reflective surfaces, such as marble flooring or high gloss finishings of closets, cabinets, mirrors. Conflicting colours according to the theory of five elements are also not a good option for your home.

  2. Use neutral colours - Best colour scheme for your home is generally a vey calm one. The use of white colour is not advisable in access, as white is vey yang (fast, masculine) and doesn't contribute to slowing down. Instead, opt for light sandy shades and neutrals. There should be right proportion in light as well. Too bright or too dark is not good, as it creates over yang or over yin environments.

  3. Mind the art - choosing the right type of art for your home is key in creating healthy environment. Art can be very powerful and has effect on our lives. Especially in the bedroom, the art needs to be very calm. Paintings or photographs reflecting nature, such as flowers, fields, forests are ok. So are the romantic paintings of couples for example. Any art that is reflecting danger, conflict, combat, anger is not suitable for a home.

  4. Less is more - there should be right balance in the mount of things and the size of the room. Keep to the principle less is more and have only the things you use and love in your home. Having cluttered homes, means the energy can't move and we are not able to focus, nor recharge.

  5. It is good to have big open spaces at the moment. The energy is more in tune with universal Chi at this point, when properties are more open.

If you live a busy life, make sure to slow down on a daily basis. At the end of the day, instead of watching the news or scrolling down the social media, take a book in your hand, listen to some music, have a bath and offer yourself a luxury to slowing down. You will make yourself an incredible favour.

To create a nourishing home, it takes time and skill. It can be overwhelming and that is not the goal. If you are ready to create more supportive environment for yourself, get in touch with me, I am ready to help.

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