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Sustainability is a way of living that supports the Earth and enables the Earth itself to continue supporting life. It is a harmony of biosphere and human civilisation to co-exist, enhancing the current and future wellbeing of the planet as well as humans.

The intention behind sustainable design is to 'eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skilful, sensitive design.' (McLennan, J.F. , The Philosophy of sustainable design). We can experience the rise of need for sustainable design and as a society, we are making more design-related decisions to support the sustainable development on a daily basis. There is no existence without sustainability, as only what is sustainable can be continued into the future.

Feng Shui is a science about environment and it teaches how to harness the positive energies of natural world to enhance our wellbeing and all aspects of life. There is no life without the life force energy or Chi and once humanity derives all the natural resources, there will not be much pure vital Chi left. In this sense, feng shui and sustainability are intimately linked. If nature cannot reproduce and support all the life on the planet, there is no more energetic system that fuels all life available to us. Health becomes poor and life can become a struggle for majority of species and humans. This is one of the top priorities when designing buildings with Feng Shui; to be in harmony with natural environment.

It means a two way system, like yin and yang principle where one cannot exist without the other, a building needs to be supported from the exterior environment and the building needs to create a positive effect or at least eliminate negative output to the environment and surroundings. There is always a relationship between well designed buildings and environment where they stand. It needs to be a two way system in order to be truly beneficial and sustainable.

Sustainable design is without a doubt a healthier way of living and making a difference for the future. When sustainable design is paired with feng shui principles, then buildings are not just healthy because of the materials used and lesser negative impact they have on the environment, but also create a link with people residing / working in such buildings. Feng Shui is a direct link to connect a building with people so that they can experience a positive influence in their life. Feng Shui understands life force energy, speaks the language of nature, therefore it is the key to bring that quality directly from environment, through the building into people's lives. When such buildings use sustainable design and ecological materials the outcome is phenomenal, especially health wise.

Feng Shui is an ancient science that joins many other known traditions and sciences, such as sustainability, eco design, sacred geometry, biophilic design, wellness architecture and so on. There is a link between all - the need for healthy living in harmony with nature. Feng Shui can bring all those aspects together and add another powerful dimension of connecting people with the building so that it works in their favour. This can be achieved through many different techniques, such as using certain types of shapes and designs, correct orientations of buildings, correct placement of main gateways and doors, windows, to interior layout distribution, selection of specific colours, shapes, materials that can be used in specific parts of the property, for example. It brings all in harmony - designs, architecture and landscape so that the Chi is channeled into the property in the correct manner and not leaking away from the property.

Even if a building is based on sustainability or ecological design, it does not mean that automatically the building would be providing health and abundance. The building itself might be considered as 'healthy', however it is not necessary that the occupants or workers will be able to absorb that benefit. There might still be negative effects causing the blockages, due to poor architectural design, layout or inappropriate combination of colours, patterns, designs, shapes used within and around the building or in landscape design. Feng Shui is the link to bring all those aspects together, making sure that the positive benefits reach the occupants.

It is my passion to work with sustainable projects and ecological developments, as this is the way of the future. I believe we all need to strive for better and healthier world through the choices we make every day.

If you would like to work with me or have any questions about how Feng Shui can help change your environment for the better, get in touch:

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