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Springtime is all about nature. As the energy of wood grows stronger, we have a natural longing for spending more time outdoors.

The year of the water Rabbit has now marched in with full power. February, being the first month of the moon year, marks the beginning of spring and thus a new cycle begins. Spring appears when energy starts to rise, as nature is getting back to life and so are we. We seem to become busier, with more ideas and are eager to get things moving again. This is the essence of spring, the quality of yang and the chi of the element wood. Each season has its own quality. During the year 2023, the elements of wood and fire are not balanced and with weak representation from the yearly Ba Zi. According to several year prediction techniques, the year ahead is lacking vitality. Without the quality rising energy, it is difficult to make progress. Something is covering the daylight (fire), which means it is essential to bring these qualities into our living spaces and daily lives. The rising chi being wood and fire elements are related to progress, vitality, productivity, enthusiasm, joy, growth, expansion, passion, spirituality, hope, education, creation and celebration. Summer months promise to bring these qualities. However, it is up to us to harness them on a daily basis. In challenging circumstances, it is even more important to stay optimistic, have plans for the future and live in the moment, appreciating all the good things in our lives. We can create optimistic environments in our own home through the use of Chue Style Feng Shui and stay connected to that positive energy, which fuels our desire to create.

How to cultivate the rising chi in our daily lives:

  • Get up in the early morning to harness the wood energy

  • Have a morning practice that is grounding, healthy for the body and calming for the mind like Qi gong

  • Spring-clean your home to invite fresh energy in

  • Open windows in the morning and midday to get rising chi in

  • Eat more vegetables, ideally fresh and local, drink more water or herbal teas

  • Study something new, be open to new perspectives

  • Be physically more active

  • Spend time outdoors, in the garden or in nature

  • Do things that you love and do things from your heart

  • Be kind, flexible and patient (qualities of balanced wood)

  • Spend time with children or grandchildren and awaken your inner child


If the rising chi is missing or is being blocked from the property, there is no progress and vitality for the occupants. In such a property, it is very difficult to conceive children, therefore fertility issues are very common. If there are children in a property, they’ll either have poor health or will find school challenging. It is also close to impossible to get any projects off the ground, as the starting point is always very challenging. Businesses without the rising chi cannot survive, as these directions are crucial to get projects started and earn money.

The rising directions should be open for the property to receive the chi. These directions are the north-east, east, south-east and south.

During 2023, the south is the most auspicious direction of all. It is related to fire energy, the rising chi, which is missing from the yearly chart. This means that the south part of your home is extremely valuable throughout the year. The south part of the garden should be well maintained, as well as the inside of the home. We don't want to obstruct this part with heavy tall furniture, closets, broken items or even garbage bins! The south should reflect hope and prosperity. It is good to open the windows in the south part as much as possible, to get the sunshine in, especially during spring time. South is the sun, so if a window is there or perhaps a terrace - make it beautiful and clean. There should be enough space for the chi to circulate freely, arranging the space for you to feel comfortable. It is also really important to use this part of the home as much as possible, to make the most of the positive energy.

Rising energy at home can also be created through the use of colours, art and plants. Make sure that the art you display in your home is tranquil and uplifting. If you are feeling down, surround yourself with beautiful images and lighter colours. Display family photos of happy gatherings and occasions and add blooming flowers to your interior. The best position for flowers and plants are; by the front door, in the entryway (if there is enough space, otherwise consider flower art on the wall) and in the living, office and study areas diagonally opposite the doors. In the kitchen, it is good to have fresh herbs on the countertop, especially in between the kitchen sink and the stove. In the dining area put fresh cut flowers on the table to bring more life to that area as well.

Another way to activate the rising chi in our living environment is also by cleaning and reducing. Creating more space for the energy to move is better, as there are less places for the energy to become stale. Using the space is always the best way to active the energy, especially if there are pets or children around. Put things off the ground to lift the energy to higher levels. This is what plants do, as they lift/grow towards the sky.

If the space has not been used much lately, make sure to clean it well. Also, open windows for an extended period of time to reactive the energy. Bringing in a new plant always helps as well, especially if that is an office space.

"We fashion wood for a house, but it is the emptiness inside that makes it livable." Lao Tze, Tao de Ching

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