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We are all experiencing challenging times with the outbreak of Covid-19. It has affected so many lives. We are all in this together and it is the time to help one another.

Suddenly, a home has become a focal point of our lives. The world has stopped the noise and we all stayed home. In this tsunami wave of change and uncertainty, we need to be able to adapt fast, to be flexible and start seeing things from a new perspective.

I would like to offer you my Feng Shui tips for working from home. A home can offer us support, comfort, security and wellbeing, now more than ever. It is crucial to respect it and maintain it in its best possible health- only that way a home can become our sanctuary and not a prison.

All the pillars arise from a home – family, relationships, education, health, wellbeing, perceptions and beliefs. Home is the starting point of everything. If we really take good care of our home and put it in order, we will achieve great results. Our life will be smoother, our minds will become clearer, we will improve our health, as well as positively affect our abundance and prosperity. This is the perfect time to step in action and make things work in our home and in our lives.

First of all, spring is the best time for cleaning, organizing our homes and allowing the fresh energy to come in and bring new possibilities.

Secondly, as we spend more time at home in this situation, we can make the best of it.

Many of us are working from home at this moment and I have decided to help you with my Feng Shui tips for better productivity, clarity or mind, focus, organizational skills, financial flow and even career opportunities. I know times are hard and all your goals might not manifest this very moment, but please hang in there, have faith, patience, persistence and follow these feng shui tips. I am sure they will bring you benefit.


Most important thing in any office or room is the position of your desk. You need to sit in a controlling position, with a solid wall behind your back and facing an empty space or window. You also want to see the door of the room and have a good overview of the room. This way you will be able to work with confidence and security. Moreover, this position directly influences your future, creativity and vision.


Ideally, you want to separate your working space from the living area. Either you have a home office or a study, or you create a semi private working area. This is very important, as it allows you to focus on your work more effectively and you are not overwhelmed with your home tasks. In these times, I believe this is one of the most important things. You spend all day at home and you want to distance yourself from daily worries and distractions while you work.

Creating a separate space for working in your home should not be too difficult. You can use a screen or a Spanish wall and even few tall plants to divide your working area from living area. Be creative.


For some, the idea of working in bed might seem fun, but I strongly suggest you not to do it. To stimulate productivity and efficiency you need a solid chair with high back support and a stable desk. Bedroom and bed are for rest and romance, so these energies are not well to be mixed with work. This way you can’t have a clear mind. Also sitting on a sofa is not good feng shui for work. Sofa’s essence is for leisure, entertainment or relaxation, which again does not mix well with work.


Generally best locations for work are the north-west, north, east and south-east. This greatly depends on your supporting element (revealed in Ba Zi- Chinese horoscopes), as well as the specifics of your property. Each property is different, like each person. Therefore, we all need slightly different things to perform at our best.

If you don’t know your supporting element and if you haven’t had a feng shui expert analyzing your property, then I suggest you use one of those directions. You can either choose a SE room for your home office, or create a working area in the SE corner of your living room, for example.


Each room has a power point, which acts like a switch to turn on the energy. This is also a very precise technique and can be only done individually, as each property is different. However, you can still use a general power point to stimulate your home office. This would be a diagonal corner from the door of the room. Either left or right, whichever is closer to your desk. Place a tall lamp or a plant in that corner. Avoid cactus plants or any other spiky plants.


Ideally you don’t want to have open shelves, a mirror or anything sharp behind you or over you. This is often overlooked, but it’s actually really important. All exposed shelves create so called poison arrows, which cause tension and very sharp energy. It lessens your energy, ability to think clearly and negatively affects your productivity.

You want to aim for a solid wall behind you or closed closet and a chair with high back support. (Imagine a mafia boss sitting in his office).

You should also avoid sitting with your back against the window, as this position doesn’t allow you to be comfortable and relaxed. A strong back represents a solid support, confidence, strength and stamina. You want to aim for this characteristic when creating a home office.


Organizing and getting rid of clutter is one of the first steps when creating a good feng shui office. Your desk should be occupied only with the true necessities (for example a laptop, a lamp, glass of water and a notepad.) For creating a good feng shui in home office, you should not have any papers, files, documents lying on the floor. Also, make sure the view is clear and organized. Organize all your files and documents on the computer, as well as in the physical environment. Your drawers, shelves should reflect order. In this way, you will be able to see things more clearly and be able to make decisions. Make sure your work essentials are easy and quick to find.


To be able to reach your goals, you need to have a vision, a plan, take action, dedication, persistence, as well as right timing and right environment. With these feng shui tips, we are creating the right environment for your success.

From a feng shui perspective, the manifestation or anything related to your future is associated with your front or your view. So, when sitting in your home office, what you see is actually really important. If you sit facing a wall, it is much harder to achieve your goals and opportunities don’t reach your way.

Make sure your view from sitting position is open and clear. This is the place where you can set up your vision board or any object you find beautiful, meaningful and related to your financial or career goals. Flowers are also a good option for future position – orchids being my favorite.


This last tip doesn’t directly rely on feng shui of your home office, but it definitely affects your energy. And that is what a traditional Chue Style Feng Shui is all about.

You will be much more productive, effective and organized if you work in your daily or work clothes. If you dress properly, have a morning body cleaning routine, your energy will be much different than if you stay in your pyjamas all day. “Chi follows form” is a Chue Style quote and in this example, it means that your look will affect your energy. Even if you stay at home, be mindful of your appearance.

If you apply this feng shui tips, they will make a difference in your daily life. Feel free to write me about your results!

I wish you health, faith and ability to see the good in this situation. In every yin there is a seed of yang and vice versa. Stay well!

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