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The energetic start of the new year is on Dung Gee or the winter solstice. This is the most important turning point in a year.

A new year celebration is different in many nations. In western culture, we celebrate new year on 31.12. and in Chinese culture the celebration takes place with the Spring festival, around February 4th on 'Lap Chun' (spring begins).

In Taoist philosophy we recognise 3 types of lucks, called : Heaven luck, Human luck and Earth luck. To have a healthy and fortunate life, all 3 should be at the highest realms. Each governs about 33.3% of our life. Each has a different impact and they can be viewed from many different aspects.

The winter solstice is the heaven luck or chi, because it is related to the universal energy. It is the time when planet Earth completes an entire cycle around the Sun. Thus it relates to cosmic energy. We have no influence over the heaven luck, however we can learn to recognise it and act with it, not go against it. This is where the astrology comes in.

Second type of luck, the human luck is related to our own efforts, skills in life. It is entirely up to us. The celebrations of the new year (that we humans mark on our calendar) relate to human luck. There are a few tips that can make this celebrations better and attract more positive energy into our lives. In this article, I will share these tips for new year according to feng shui.

Before the start of a new year it is good to finish all projects that need to be finished. Don't postpone them to the new year. New year is all about fresh start and attracting positive vibrant energy into our lives. Make sure your wallet is full of cash and not bills. Empty your wallet and insert 10, 14, 100 or 140 EUR or any other currency. Start your year with abundance and attract more of it. Pay all your debts by the end of the year.

Wear something new on new year's day. This again related to attracting the best possible energy, new opportunities and fresh start.

Have a haircut, trim your nails and shave if you are a man. Enter into the new year looking sharp, attractive and healthy.

It is considered auspicious to wear red colour for the new year celebration or on the new year day. Red is an auspicious colour in Chinese culture and it also wards out negative energy, supports the immune system and is connected to the fire element and the heart.

Lastly, we have the earth luck among the 3 types of forces that influence our lives.

Earth luck is related to the environment where we were born and where we live and work. Feng shui is a remedy for the earth luck. So, there are certain things you can do in your own home to boost earth luck and to attract positive energy into your life and business in the new year.

First, clean your space as much as possible. Make sure there are no broken items, leaking pipes, broken light bulbs. Address anything that needs fixing or replacing.

Take out the trash. Make sure the space is clean and fresh, mind the scents as these are important reminders of the energy in a space.

If you want to do more, clear out the clutter and donate any items that are not in use.

Display 9 mandarins or tangerine in your dinning area. Tangerines in tradition are related to money and abundance, as they are seen as coins in Chinese culture. Number 9 is related to fire element which supports earth (orange colour of tangerine), which creates metal (money, round shape).

Make sure to take care of your front door and windows. Front door is the mouth of chi, where the energy comes in. It is important that they are in best possible condition to attract the best. They should be fully opening (no shoes, coats behind!), well maintained and easily recognised. Door bell, door mat, light should be also working. Display something beautiful by the front door, internally and/ or externally.

Put some fresh flowers in the hallway by the front door, being the first thing you see when you enter if possible. Also, put flowers in the living or dining room.

Windows are the eyes of a property. To have a clear vision in year 2021 it is important to keep the windows clean. Clean them well before the new year, inside and outside.

Wishing you all a healthy and fortunate new year.

In the next post, I will share how to balance each sector of a space in 2021.

Stay healthy & safe!

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