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Feng shui for office is one of the most searched advice that clients come to me for. An office is a working space, where we usually spend most of our time. The quality of that space has a tremendous effect on our lives.

Whether you are working from home, or go to an office daily, it is really important how well it suits you. Feng shui in the office will affect your health, well-being, creativity, productivity, efficiency, decision-making, your focus, vision, commitment, as well as your performance and success. Feng shui office is a stimulating, yet nurturing space, where you can easily focus on your daily tasks and be successful at it. In Chue Style Feng Shui we pay greater attention to the office, as it is the space where money, career and business opportunities can be enhanced. Therefore, it is not just a space where you can feel supported and work effectively, but also a space that connects to you energetically and encourages money and career advancement coming your way. Everything is energy or Chi, including money. In Chue Style Feng Shui, an office is set according to clients personal birth data (Ba Zi) and I make sure there is the energetic link which enables abundance and success in your work.

Have you ever worked in a place, where you had to struggle to maintain focused, present and goal oriented? Have you ever worked in a place that made you feel depressed? Have you ever worked in a space where you were not as effective, creative and productive as you normally are? Has your business dropped since you have moved it to new premises? Have you experienced a setback in your career or business since any changes in or around the office building have been made?

Those results are all effect of a poor office feng shui.

Not everything in life or business depends on feng shui. In Taoism, there are the 3 forces that govern all our lives and they are called the 3 Chi or the 3 lucks:

  • Heaven luck

  • Human luck

  • Earth luck

Each of them has about 33.3% influence over our lives. Feng shui belongs to the 'earth luck', which means that by improving feng shui of our living and working environment, we can directly improve our life and business by 33%. Moreover, feng shui can influence our Human luck as well. Human luck (governs another 33% of our lives) are our own efforts, our behaviour, character, mindset, our education and self improvement. A good feng shui can definitely encourage us to become better humans, invest in education or self growth, even change our character. The influence of good feng shui can be tremendous - in business and life.

Feng shui office is one of the most important spaces in our lives. Besides the bedroom, it is a space where majority of modern people spend most of their time. It is wise to invest in a quality feng shui office consultation, if you are interested to take care about your well-being and success.

Since each property is different, so is the office itself. When doing a feng shui office or business consultation, I need to know the nature of the business. Each business activity is also related to the theory of 5 elements and can be classified as an element, or the combination of some. The form of the office/ building, which is assessed from the outside in, should relate positively to the nature of the business.

Secondly, various calculations are done to asses the quality of the Chi. The form, the type of business, the Chi and the owner should all match well together. This is my job - to combine all those elements in synchrony, which benefits the client and business directly.

In order to make this happen and achieve good office feng shui, I make sure the office is in the suitable location, that the door of the office is appropriate and on the right direction - to attract clients, possibilities, wealth, an so on. I also make sure that the layout of the office has a good form where Chi can circulate in the right way/ direction and at the right pace. I need to examine the yin and yang of the office to make sure there is enough stimulating energy to be able to work well. Furthermore, the great attention is set on the desk position, location and orientation. It can also be the cashier, the front desk, the computer or a working counter, depending on the nature of the business. All these details are essential in creating harmony in a working environment. The office view also plays a role in feng shui analysis, as well as the view of the desk.

The sitting position is also important in feng shui office assessment. It is one of the most important factors that will impact the success, together with the door position, location, orientation and the building characteristics, as well as the surroundings.

Feng shui tips to improve office feng shui: