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Feng Shui for optimising your home, part 3

Did you know that a kitchen represents the heart of a home?

It is one of the most important parts of your home and in this article, I will explain why it is necessary to have a good feng shui kitchen.

A perfect kitchen is warm, comfortable to be in, inviting and full of Chi. Chi can be represented by rising energy, it can be stimulated with good form (feng shui placement), the food and the cooker. All these aspects, including the flow of chi in the kitchen - determinated by kitchen layout and interior design, play an important role on how good the feng shui in the kitchen really is.

The essence of every kitchen is to prepare meals -which are our vitality, life. We are what we eat and I would like to add; the quality of a kitchen in terms of feng shui, influences the effort we will put into planning our meals, into the choice of food and drink we will consume and the attitude we will have while preparing meals and eating them. The better our feng shui kitchen is, the more we strive to healthy food choices, enjoy cooking, or baking, enjoy while eating our meals and have positive relationships in our family. Yes, that is correct, a feng shui kitchen benefits an entire family!

Kitchen is a pillar of strength of a family union. It is a direct correlation between love and respect between partners and their communication. A calm, harmonious kitchen nourishes a loving relationship between partners and family members. It is the link where all the family, spouses gather to plan, prepare and/ or eat their meals. It is one of the most uniting parts of a home, although it is often overlooked. Many times, kitchen is associated with a mother, a woman or domestic worker. Usually it is regarded as feminine part of the home. However, kitchen has both yin & yang energies, so it really joins the male and female principle. This is one of the reasons why it is important to give attention to our kitchen.

Feng Shui kitchen teaches us that any kitchen needs to be looked after, ensuring the cleaniness and organisation. It is really important to keep your kitchen clean and in order, as it has a direct effect on the vitality chi that we are absorbing through food. A clean and neat kitchen also positively affect your finances. Feng shui kitchen is all about health, harmonious relationships and abundance.  

Feng Shui tip for health: have fresh herbs, fruits and flowers in your kitchen to stimulate energy of wood element.

Feng Shui kitchen belongs to element of fire. This is the core nature of kitchen, as it's primary use is to cook and prepare our meals. There is no kitchen without a stove/ cooker and/ or the oven. Those elements are the essence of any kitchen and they belong to fire element, so does the cooking. If you need fire element, to balance your Ba Zi, cooking or baking is a favourable activity for you. (To learn about your supporting element, get in touch) Fire element also represents love (heart),joy, charisma, the male.

Another significant element in feng shui kitchen is water. Water is needed to wash our food, for drinking and storing the food in the refrigerator. Those aspects represent water element in the kitchen. Water also represents communication, the female, feelings, among many other meanings.

It is crucial that both elements, fire and water, are in harmony. Only then you can ensure a quality feng shui kitchen that will support you, nourish relationships and provide you with plenty of vitality and abundance.

When water and fire elements are balanced, the relationship between spouses is more harmonious and loving. It improves the communication between partners and family members and provides the whole household with joy.

Feng Shui kitchen really is a foundation of family harmony. When ever I am asked for a feng shui consultation for a family, or a couple, I always consider kitchen as one of the most important parts of a home.

For a restaurant or hotel, feng shui kitchen is the top priority. Here are some benefits for hospitality service of having top feng shui kitchen:

  • high quality food & service

  • efficiency of staff and management

  • smooth communication - staff, clients, managers

  • fast performance

  • client satisfection

  • more customers

  • solid understanding among staff

  • positive working ambience & staff satisfaction

There can be more benefits, depending on each individual property.

Top 5 Feng Shui tips for kitchen:

  1. Ensure kitchen is clean and in order

  2. Avoid having black/ dark blue kitchen

  3. Do not position a cooker and refrigerator next or opposite each other

  4. Do not expose your cooker to front door

  5. Add herbs, fresh fruit and flowers to kitchen

Another important thing about kitchens are the feng shui colours. Kitchen is one of most specific parts of a home regarding the choice of colours. Feng shui colours are determinated according to a feng shui survey of a property and are just one of the tools to harmonise your premises. However, a kitchen should never use too much water element. Water puts our fire, which is the core of a kitchen. So, we need to be mindful about the water element in the kitchen. Water is represented by feng shui colours blue and black.

This is why I never advise clients to have black kitchens, nor blue. Another element to avoid in the kitchen is metal. Feng shui colours of metal are white, silver and gold. Today, we have over used white colour in modern interior design, especially in the kitchen. White is not a warm and comfortable colour and is not appropriate for kitchen. Usually, all white and high gloss kitchens are not much used and mostly family relations are not very warm.

There are feng shui solutions if you have white or black kitchen, so do not worry. Feng shui is about creating balance and harmony in our living environment. If you would like to know more, get in touch to schedule a discovery call.

To sum up, a feng shui kitchen has the following benefits:

  • Creates family harmony

  • Improves communication

  • Benefits the relationship among partners

  • Stimulates feelings of joy and love

  • Reduces arguments

  • Provides more vitality chi to our bodies

  • Positively affects health

  • Stimulates abundance

Have lots of joy in creating your beautiful and harmonious feng shui kitchen! If you need help, I am here :)

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