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A feng shui house needs to be suited in a supportive environment. Only then a nourishing energy can come in through doors and windows (both correctly positioned) and provide the environment that helps us become healthier, more successful and more balanced.

Secondly, a house with good feng shui needs to have the right balance of yin and yang. This is sometimes overlooked, but let's not forget these are the 2 dominate forces in our universe that correlate to all the natural laws.  

Primarily, the yin energy rises up from the earth and the yang energy declines from the heaven. However, yang is the rising chi and yin is the declining chi. We need both energies to survive and live in harmony. When they are out of balance, we are affected. Firstly, it affects our health, which is most important. 

So, a good feng shui house needs the two energies of yin and yang to be balanced in order to support the occupant. It is our job, as Feng Shui Consultants to make sure the property has yin chi and yang chi that are in good order. 

A house is like a closed box, as it only receives yin chi from the earth. However, we can't only live indoors and be solely dependent on yin chi. Even if the house is built on a good location, which has positive yin chi, we need to bring in the yang chi as well. Without yin chi, we would not be able to recharge, sleep, rest or eat. Without yang chi, we would not be able to work, exercise, socialise, etc. 

Since a house already has yin chi, the main thing is to attract the yang chi in. This can be received through doors and windows. So, we need to open doors and windows in right positions to direct the yang chi into the house. The position (location and direction) is crucial to assure the best quality of yang chi into the house. Sometimes, even the slightest repositioning of a main door can have a huge impact on the energy of the house, completely changing the wellbeing of its residents. Besides position, the form is also important. The size of doors and windows will greatly influence the amount of energy coming into a house. The size always needs to be in proportion with the size of the building. Many modern architecture buildings have oversized windows and doors, so the energy just doesn't stay there. The energy rushes, very fast, through the house and out the windows. This is not balanced at all. Different rooms also need different qualities of energy. So, the function and use of rooms are important as well. 

In a house, yin and yang always work together. For a residential house the best balance is 55% yin and 45% yang.

One of the greatest skills a Feng Shui master can have is to be able to identify a good location to build a house. This is done according to the form of environment and assessment of the chi, which takes many years of study and practice to understand. This is also one part of Yin Feng Shui, which Grand Master Chan Kun Wah is teaching his students. He teaches this discipline traditionally by teaching outside in nature, studying the mountain forms, rivers, lakes, valleys and sensing the chi. His teachings can also be applied in cities, as everything has form. 

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