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How to stimulate abundance in your living & working environment

Across China & south-east Asia, Feng Shui is widely used for money and good luck. Actually when the Chinese say for 'good fortune', are referring to money & luck.

Traditional Feng Shui goes beyond good fortune and it can be used in various ways. The main goal is to correct the unbalances in our surroundings that have a negative effect on our lives and businesses.

In business world, feng shui for wealth is one of the key components of a feng shui consultation. Nevertheless, a balanced environment needs to be created first. Only from that point feng shui can also be used to attract abundance. If ambience and surroundings lack balance and cause less than ideal working conditions, then a business will have difficulties to prosper.

Feng shui for money is a topic interesting for individuals, as well as businesses. In any case, to stimulate wealth energy coming our way, we often use water elements in feng shui. They can be used indoor and outdoors. Water elements might be: water features, fountains, ponds, water streams, swimming pools, etc. Any kind of real water is considered a water element. Water is one of the most powerful elements on Earth. Think about the ocean and tsunami. Water is a living entity and therefore has a powerful effect on us. We are all about 70% water and so is our planet. This gives us an idea of how magnificent and potent the water element really is.

In feng shui we use water to attract wealth and stimulate career opportunities. Understanding how powerful water is, we really need to be careful in its use in our home and business environment, in forms of water features. On my feng shui consultations, I use water features with great care. Choosing the suitable location and orientation of a water feature is a highly skilled method and it is accompanied by a series of calculations. Regarding the property and people living/ working there, an exact location and orientation of water feature is suggested, according to compass measures and feng shui analysis of the surroundings and property it self. The day when water feature is started or installed is also important and can bring more potency to the water feature, or lessen the effect if done improperly.

Feng shui for wealth is one of the most popular reasons of feng shui consultations today. To stimulate wealth in life or business, the property needs to have:

  • The right balance of male and female sides, or the dragon and tiger

  • Open front

  • Sufficient support at the back

  • SE direction not missing

  • The right size of the front door in relation to the size of the property

  • The right slope of the land

Those are the basic points, which sometimes can be corrected with feng shui. It all depends on the individual property.

Feng Shui for money is also applied through door alignment. This is specially useful for businesses, or anyone working from home. The door alignment is one of the advanced methods that we use in Chue Style Feng Shui. The front door can actually be angled to a 0.5º which perfectly matches the property and encourages the flow of chi, that attracts money into the building.

Third tool when applying feng shui for money is desk positioning & alignment. In commercial or home office the desk placement is very important and has a significant impact on performance, creativity, wellbeing, productivity and achievement, as well as financial performance of the person sitting at the desk. You can read more about this in my post 'Working from home'.

Besides positioning of the desk in the right location and part of the room, an orientation of the desk and exact angle (degree) is also very important. It plays a big role in how successful you are in attracting wealth.

In feng shui for money, another method can be used to attract financial flow. This is used when