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Feng shui is the link between the person and their home or workspace.

Through this link a harmonious, supportive environment can be created.

Feng shui for new-builds is the most powerful strategy on the way to client's complete well-being, success, abundance, health and smooth life. Anything can be achieved at this early stage, which is the best time to incorporate feng shui principles.

A plot ready to build, is just like an empty canvas where the ideal habitat can be created, perfectly suited to client's needs. Feng shui for new-builds is not only used to create home or workspace that is suited to client's requrements, but it is about creating harmony and balance according to exterior environment. Nature is the mother of feng shui and learning to read the language of nature is one of the skills necessary when planning a new home with feng shui. Therefore, a building set according to feng shui principles will be perfectly seated in natural or urban environment.

Feng shui for new-builds can be applied in the cities, suburbs, in the countryside or in a completely natural environment. The choice of the land or plot will also have an effect on the final outcome, as it's a part considered in the feng shui analysis.

I have worked with several clients when they have decided to build their home. The best results were achieved when they have reached out to me at the very beginning - when choosing the land or the plot to build on.

This early stage of incorporating feng shui principles allowed us to design habitat that was perfectly positioned and in harmony with the surroundings. Feng shui for new-builds is an excellent example showing how powerful our surroundings are and how they can be used to attract or stimulate the positive flow of chi into our own environment and lives.

What are the benefits of building a house according to feng shui?

  • The property is perfectly suited to client's needs

  • The property is in perfect balance with the surroundings

  • It creates the flow of well-being and support in all areas of life

  • It is the pillar of harmony and prosperity

  • The property will maintain good feng shui and offer support for many generations to come

  • The property will be easier to maintain than similar sized properties with unfortunate feng shui

  • The building process is more smooth (especially when starting at the auspicious time)

  • The moving day is a happy and positive event (calculated on an auspicious date)

  • If decided by clients, the property is easy to sell

  • The property is perfectly linked (energetically) to the owners/ family members

  • All family members/ residents feel supported in such property

  • The life of residents/ family members becomes easier with more positive experiences and less challenges

  • The property can be set with a specific intention - to fully support clients health and longevity for example. This is also a lasting effect, not something it needs to be fixed on a yearly basis.

  • Good feng shui has a longterm effect and it is not subject to change (unless if proximate surroundings change and cause a negative effect)

Below, I share some photos of a project of mine, using feng shui for new-builds. Feng shui was incorporated at the very beginning and all the designs were done by my feng shui recommendations. I work with architects, landscape designers and interior designers when needed. In this project, I have determinated the position of the building (within planning permission) on the land, determinated the access to property, the orientation of the building, the location of the entrances, the form and design of the building. The feng shui architecture is suited to the environment and especially acts well with the shape of the land itself, according to feng shui. It also supports the owners and attracts positive energy into their doorstep.

Internally, the complete feng shui layout was done. The rooms were all located according to feng shui, including interior design and decoration. In the bedrooms and offices, the positions of beds and desks were also calculated according to feng shui - matching the clients, offering the ultimate support. In the kitchen, all the appliances have their position that is in harmony and creates well-being and good relationships.

feng shui casa
feng shui casa

feng shui casa
building a feng shui home
feng shui for new-builds

feng shui casa
feng shui casa

Feng shui for new-builds can be used:

  1. when choosing the perfect land that will support the owners and provide a healthy flow of chi,

  2. to perfectly suite the property in harmonious environment,

  3. to incorporate the final details inside the property, such as feng shui layout and feng shui interior design

  4. finally, to use feng shui art and decoration, setting desks, beds and other important objects on the right position matching the client's own energy (calculated according to their Ba Zi).

  5. feng shui garden design as a final touch to fine-tune the property with the surroundings and client

feng shui new-build

What can you expect from living/working in a property that is designed

according to feng shui?

  • Better overall health and well-being

  • More harmonious family relations

  • Positive communication and healthy partnership

  • Increased career-work possibilities

  • More productivity, creativity

  • Get more support in life

  • More relaxed atmosphere at home

  • Much better sleep

  • Achieve more success

  • Improved finances

  • Having more inner stability, as a result of a supporting property

For more benefits or information on how can I help you design your ideal property - be it a home, develop land for commercial purposes, or construct business premises, get in touch.

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