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The Year 2023 is represented by the Water Rabbit in Chineses Astrology.

Rabbit is corresponding to the element of yin wood and has a timid nature. He is an animal that keeps low profile and is abe to hide very well. However when an opportunity comes, they are very quick to grasp it. It likes quiet and natural places. Rabbit sits in the East location on the compass, therefore this is the ‘Sacred’ location of the year. He is the ruller for the 202

3, srarting on Winter solstice day: December 22., 2022 and finishing on December 22. 2023

The effects of the year come in gradually, sometimes felt already few months before. The energetic imprint of the previous year is less and less strong as we enter into the New year. by the time of ‘Spring Begins’ or the Chinese celebration of the New Year, beginning of February, the energy has already kicked in. Being the spring time, the new cycle has revived.

Water Rabbit means the rabbit sits under the water. Both elements are yin in this case and it is an excess of wet, damp and cold energy. The key element for the year 2023 is fire and dry earth. Fire is the yang energy, the starting motor that can bring the energy formward. Without fire, the yin becomes negative in this case.

The exact position of the Water Rabbit on the compass is between 112,5°-118° East. This is the positions of rulling energy of the year. It should not be faced directly or sitting at that location. The rulling energy is like the leader/ yearly God and we don’t want to direclty look at them because of respect.

The meaning of the Kwa 7/8 among 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, is offering an image of ‘Thunder’ above the ‘Lake’ trigram. It means ‘Opportunities are not yet mature’

This hexagram talks about the relationship; between brothers and sisters as well as between spouses. It is not easy to maintain a smooth relationship. It also talks about being cautious as there are many obstacles on our way. This is also why it is very easy to wander away and not keeping our focus on the goal. Even though the goals may seem far away, it is neccessary to stick to daily routines, training focus.

This hexagram is not showing harmony. We need to be very patient with all our relationships next year. The energy is leading us to quarrel and dispute. It is neccessary for the female to maintain her feminine, gentle, yin virtues that distinguish her from a man. There are many differences between male and female energy shown in this hexagram.

When one understands the situation, person should respond to it objectively and not react emotionally. Tolerance becomes a tool for the wise.

Avoid any more of this conflicting elements by staying away from the big cities and fast pace life. Living in the country side and having a slow life is specially beneficial in 2023. Connecting with nature by gardening, walking and spending time outdoors, to cultivate tranquility and focus.

The fire element can bring about romance and love. It is also related to celebration. Even though the year requires more nature related lifestyle, the fire element is very beneficial. It can be introduced into one’s living and working space throug feng shui, or by nurturing love (fire element) for oneself and others. It is important not to stay with any negative feelings next year, as the energy is already to yin, cold and damp- negative. The negative feelings, such as sadness, anger, worry, anxiety, hastiness are all stored in our internal organs. It aditinally damages our energy and negatively affects our health and mindset.

If fire is needed it means the Sun. Sun in all forms; positivity, radiance, happiness and love. This can mean spending time in sunshine and staying home at night, being in the company of our loved ones, nurturing positive feelings of love and joy. Then this negative energy can be transformed and we are able to grow.

Create cozy, loving, warm environments in 2023; internally as well as externally.


There are specific locations that should not be disturbed during 2023. That is to say, not to dig ground, or do any major renovations in that section. This location is the East. It is the rulling energy of the year.

…… (continued in my Yearly Prediction report)



It is a Chinese antient tradition to clean the house before the new years, to attract and activate fresh and positive energy. In Feng Shui practice we have specific days that is favourable to do so, when the energy is right for this type of activity.

In 2023, the house cleaning should be completed by the lunar day of 28th before the new year, that is on January 19th 2023. This is also a good opportunity to remove clutter, fix anything that needs repair and to get rid of bad energy in the house. You can use incense, sound, salt cleaning or other methods of physical and energetic cleaning.

The energy starting from new year is important. In the traditional Chinese almanac, the yearly Tung Sing, there are suitable dates for some activities and I list them for the first month of the year:

TRAVEL: 24.01., 27.01, 01.02., 02.02

WEALTH: 24.01.,28.01., 02.02., 11.02.

REOPEN BUSINESS: 27.01,, 30.01., 02.02.,10.02.

PRAYERS/ SETTING INTENTIONS: 23.01., 27.01., 31.01., 05.02. 2023

Additionally, I use Chue Style auspiscious date selection, advanced method which is different to Tung Sing calendar, where those days are extracted from. Also, the days above are not working for any person, depends on their year of birth, but some people cannot use them. Our Chue Style method is much more specific and deals with dates that are personally selected for a particular person.

On the Cinese New Year’s day, 22nd January 2023, there are three divinities that bring good fortune when grasped. These are:

Happy God - located in the Northwest direction,

Noble God located in the Northeast,

Money God located in the East.

To grasp the positive energies, you can burn intense sticks and pray in the corresponding directions.

For example:

- pray for money at the East position of your house, or facing East;

- go out on that day in the morning and walk towards the Northeast and then to the East for both happiness and wealth.

……. Continued in my Yearly Prediction report, whcih includes interpretation of each of the 9 sectors, recommendations for remedies used in the house and analysis of the yearly energy, as well as month-by-month prediction.


The year ahead seems to be a challenging one. The energy is too yin (negative), there are problems in global leadership and ecomonical situation. It is not easy to find opportunities and the quarrelsome energy also doesn’t help.

It is vital to stay patient and hopeful during the next year. Don’t have too high expectations and focus on your long term goals. Use the power of good dates to initiate any important activity to help the energy get through. I also recommend to use feng shui remedies for the house, especially at the leadership position - NW which is most negativelly affected during 2023.

It is highly recommended to use/ wear a personal protection talisman if the person is standing in an unfavourable position for the year (referring to the Yearly Fate ).

Mind the good positions and spend as much time there as possible. Make them tidy, nice and welcoming. Also take care of negatively affected positions by not having any rubbish, storage or anything broken there. It is best to keep them tidy and well lit.

Use the recommendations on the positions where to start renovation or constrution. Do anything to enhance the positive energy available and all to avoid upsetting the negative energy.

Beneficial activities in 2023:

  • Planting and growing a vegetable garden

  • Using South part of the home, travelling south, spending time in the sunshine

  • Cultivating positivity, love, focus and patience

  • Becoming more self-sufficient

  • Use alternative heating systems (not gas & electricity)

Get in touch to order your Yearly Prediction and Yearly Fate reports and grasp rare opportunities of 2023! It is the best investment you can give yourself this year.

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