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Harmonise your home & life, part 4

Most of those who are working from home at the moment, use their dining room as the home office. In feng shui, dining room is often overlooked. In my opinion, dining room has a tremendous potential in bringing families together and creating a family harmony. It is a pillar of wellbeing and balance in any home. Even when dining room is not actually a room, but only part of the kitchen, it deserves your attention.

Feng shui dining room is related to prosperity, joy, family harmony and friendships. There is no other room in a home that brings all these qualities together on a plate.

In feng shui, dining room is generally associated to stomach and spleen (it can be related to other body parts and organs, as well as family members, depending on it's location). When it is balanced, a feng shui dining room encourages health of those organs. On the other hand, if you have problems with stomach or spleen, you could take a closer look of your dining area.

To encourage abundance, a feng shui dining room is a good starting point. Make sure, you display colourful fruit baskets on your dining table or in the dining area. Abundance of food represents abundance of life! When you display it nicely, you are more likely to create more of it. Also, it serves as a reminder there is something to be grateful for.

Similarly as fruit/ veggie baskets, are fresh cut flowers. They always uplift the energy in any room, however a feng shui dining room is missing something if there is no flowers on the table. Flowers create joy in human beings, as they are a reminder of the beauty in this world. Which brings us to my next point.

Feng shui dining room is a place of joy. Traditionally, in autumn time families would celebrate after a good year's harvest. They would gather in a dining room and appreciate gifts of life - mainly food, wine and good company. Laughter and joy were very much part of it and all families came together. This is why a feng shui dining room is so deeply correlated with qualities of joy and family harmony.

One of most important feng shui tips is that you should be mindful while eating. Be aware of your emotional state while having a meal. Make sure that in your dining room, you create space for joy, love, understanding - so that positive family relationships can blossom.

A feng shui dining room is also a good area to position a mirror. I often get asked about mirrors and feng shui. It really depends where they are and what they reflect. A mirror in a dining room, if placed correctly, can actually double the good chi. However, never place a mirror to reflect a garbage bin or the kitchen sink, as these represent a dirty energy.

If you place a mirror in a dining room, it should reflect your abundance - fruit basket and flowers on a dining table, for example.

The colours of a feng shui dining room really depend on feng shui analysis of entire property. However, a dining room is one of the areas where there is more variety of colour choices in terms of feng shui. Also most appropriate materials, furniture shapes, etc. are suggested according to a feng shui survey. There is no one recipe for all, as each property is different.

Feng shui tip: When you are sitting down at your dining table, make sure there are no poison arrows / sharp corners directed at you. This would create a negative and cutting energy, which is not beneficial for health in longterm, as well as reduces productivity.

Traditionally, a feng shui dining room had a large dining table for between 6-12 people.

in feng shui, 6 and 8 are auspicious numbers, so it is often suggested to have a dinning table for 6, even for a family of 4. The number of sitting places also depends on your lifestyle.

Art in feng shui dining room is something to encourage the prosperity. Any art relating to abundance or prosperity, especially in terms of successful harvest, variety of flowers, fields is auspicious to display in the dining room. Also any art that creates feelings of joy, happiness and love is worth having in your dining room. Moreover, feng shui dining room is a great place to display your family photos and happy memories.

Benefits of a well balanced feng shui dining room :

  • encourages abundance

  • pillar of family harmony

  • stimulates feelings of joy & happiness

  • has a positive effect on stomach and spleen

  • ensures more vitality

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