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Updated: Jan 22, 2021


Feng shui for 2021

Every year the energy changes and brings new qualities to our homes and lives. The year of the Ox has started to show its influence with the Dung Gee or winter solstice.

2021 is going to be another challenging year for many, but if we understand it's qualities and know how to benefit from, then we can make the best of it.

In Feng shui for 2021 workshop I will explain about the energetic influences of a year to our homes and our lives. We will learn what kind of energy the year of the Ox is bringing and discover the tools to harness that energy through our own homes.

I have studied in depth the Yearly prediction for 2021 and I can't stress this enough, how important is to prepare your homes for the year of the Ox. The homes are continuing to be a pivotal point for most of us in 2021, therefore it is vital to create an environment of harmony & support in all aspects of our lives. My Feng Shui for 2021 workshop teaches you exactly that.

Each sector will be explained in detail and the solutions will be given to create harmony in your home. We will learn how to activate some potentially very auspicious sectors in 2021, through the use of feng shui principles. Equally important, we will discuss how to remedy the troublesome sectors and control the potential damage.

Feng shui is like an acupuncture of space - when the right points are triggered in the right way, the energy starts to flow and we experience wellbeing and success as a result.

This is the far most important event of the year. It prepares you for the year ahead and it gives you all the tools to align your home to abundance, health, family harmony and positive energy. These tools are not something you can find on the web, as they are very precise and particular to Chue Style Feng Shui. Many aspects are taken into consideration when analysing the energy of the year on the living space. Calculations and recommendations are not made only on 1 star (based on Jee Bat or Flying Star method) but on 3 stars together in each sector, as well as based on other methods of prediction. This is a very unique and accurate style and it gives out so much information, opposed to very simplified techniques that are available online. If you would like to learn the authentic and proven methods of feng shui and improve your life in 2021, then this is an event for you.

You don't need to worry whether this is a suitable workshop for you. Even if you know nothing about feng shui, the Feng Shui for 2021 workshop is designed to give you solutions for you home, to be supportive and surrounded with positive energy. Anyone can implement those solutions to their living environment.

This is not a prediction course, but exact step by step guide on how to set your home to manifest your goals in the year of the Ox, 2021. It is based on Chue Style Yearly prediction, which is a very advanced and detailed method for analysing a year. However this workshop is very practical and full of simple, yet powerful solutions, remedies and tips for making your home a magnet of positive energy.

I usually offer this service to my clients, however this year I have decided to make it a workshop, so more people can benefit. It is a very important year and if we play our cards right, the future looks very promising.

Feng shui for 2021

Join me for this one of a kind Feng Shui for 2021 workshop and learn how to make the energy work in your favour. Use the support of your home for making the best of 2021.


Date: February 6th, 2021

Time: 10 am - 4 pm (UK time)

Platform: Zoom

Investment: 140 EUR


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