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BALANCING THE YIN & YANG in the 9th fate

Everything moves in cycles from birth, growth, to peak, decay and destruction. This is the law of life. Also the time moves in cycles and similarly, each time cycle has its own specifics. This is something we study in Chue Style Feng Shui. It is a big cycle, consisting of 180 years, divided into 8 smaller fates or periods.

Currently, we are at the last fate, the 9th. After the 9th fate, the 1st fate comes.

The 9th fate started in 2017 and it lasts for 27 years. This is unique to Chue Style Feng Shui, as all other schools divide the fates into equal length of time. But that principle does not understand the basics of yin and yang fates, the all have different lengths.

The energy of the 9th fate is intense, as it is full yang. Based on the trigrams and the I Ching, this is something very hard, masculine, intense and fast. It is the longest of all fates. The 9th fate is purely metal element and it represents the heaven. This is why changes happen so fast during the 9th fate - technology, weather, everything is changing quickly. Our lives are also becoming full of activities, erans, requirements and it seems very difficult to relax and recharge. This is because the 9th fate is completely yang in its nature.

The 9. Fate and the 1. Fate are the South and North parents. They represent a couple and a perfect harmony when joined together in the correct manner.

The 9.Fate is still gaining power. We can all feel its effects and are by now aware of its sudden, changing character. For most people life in the 9.Fate offers challenges. They are manifested in poor health, stress, anxiety, depression, mental health issues, poor relationships and losses of different kinds.

The 9th fate is the father and a teacher that shows no mercy. Either you adept and accept its energy or you are thrown off balance and life becomes a hustle. There is no way in escaping the 9th fate’s energy, as the heaven sees everything.

Because the 9th fate is all yang , the energy is not balanced. The quick changes, difficulties, obstacles are all part of its energy. Let us also not forget that the 9 fate is ‘all change,' so handling the changes will becomes a virtue.

When our lives are also filled with yang activities, we become ill or somehow enter into misfortune. For people living in the cities, life is especially challenging, as the big city is also yang in nature. Being busy, dispersing the energy among many people, errands and running around without awareness, causes more yang.

How to cope with the 9th fate? As Chue Style consultants, we have enough knowledge to help ourselves and others to balance their lives. The 9th fate is yang and is looking for yin. The couple that is most happy with is the mother, or the northern parent.

To be able to balance the energy of the 9th fate, we need to grab the energy of the northern parent and adopt it in our lifestyle.

The 1.Fate is completely yin. Being a mother, it has a nurturing energy and is deeply caring. Its energy is slow, but long lasting. Therefore, it is necessary for us to slow down and care for ourselves and family. The 'northern parent' is also found in nature, so connecting as much as possible with the nature is crucial to remain in good balance and good health. To have our mental capacity sharp, we need to grab the healing energy of nature, which is related to mother, earth and 1.Fate. Also, disconnecting from our phones, wifi, news, shopping malls and all that stimulates our mind to excess. Becoming grounded and closer to the earth is slowing us down. This could be done through gardening, walks in forest, living or making regular trips to the county side. Creating quiet places in our home where we can relax is very important. We know how to use the power of Chue Style and we are privileged with the knowledge to help many people to slow down, recharge and make their lives more balanced.

I see many people having difficulties that came ‘out of the sudden’. These challenges so often appear in the relationships or health — especially mental health problems. This is something that Grand Master Chan has foreseen long time ago.

Similarly as a horoscope, when it is all yang it is difficult for a person to have or remain a relationship with the partner. We can see the same in the 9th fate, which is all yang.

Mental health problems are often associated with the overload of metal element, again something that is common in the 9th fate, together with fast pace of the energy. It is too hard to settle when the energy is so fast and the mind can’t take a break.

The lung is also related to metal element. Having a strong lung is very beneficial and breathing exercises are known to positively affect the mind, calming it down and putting it in a more harmonious frequency. We also have the knowledge of Qi gong, if not it is wise to look for a teacher. These techniques were taught to us by Grand Master Chan years ago and were all the tools to benefit from when difficulties of the 9th fate would arrive. He always looks after us and thinks much ahead. We can do the same, for example by helping others, planning our steps and taking more time for preparation. Being in charge of our lives makes things much easier.

“Everything needs yin and yang.” Grand Master Chan Kun Wah

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