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Feng Shui colours are a popular topic among people who want to decorate or re-decorate their homes. We all know that colours affect our moods and feelings. Studies also show that certain colors boost creativity or sexual desire, while others can encourage depression or anxiety.

Colours are one of the tools in feng shui, to make a space more aligned to person's needs. Feng Shui colours also act as a bridge between the energetic imprint of a property, a person's own energy, and the purpose of the space. It all needs to link together in order to establish a nurturing and harmonic ambience.

In one of my feng shui consultations, a couple was having marital problems. The wife has asked me to check their property if there is anything that might be causing arguments between them. After analysing a property and their ba zi, I discovered there were many clashing elements used throughout most of the property. In the bedroom, the artwork chosen was very chaotic and not peaceful, with many crushing colours, and it was quite big. The larger the piece, the more effect it has. They have also chosen a draining colour for their bedroom, relating to the ba zi. Meaning, they would feel tired, low on energy, and libido-less. Secondly, they had a clash between fire and water in the kitchen, which means arguments. Fire is related to masculine energy and water is related to feminine energy. When used together in the kitchen or bedroom, for example, this means the couple will have arguments. In addition, I discovered too many clashing color combinations in their living room, which caused communication and relationship issues.

After clearing out the clashing combinations in the bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room, the couple experienced much more tranquility and happiness. They have started to communicate more and are not fighting as much. Their environment has changed, and this has impacted them both.

Sometimes we don't need to do much to change our surroundings. With a few key changes, everything can become different.

Depending on the space and other factors, suitable colours are used in feng shui to create balance and harmony.

There are some general rules in Feng Shui on how to choose the right colour for a specific room. In my own work, the colours are chosen regarding the feng shui analysis of the property and the study of astrological natal chart or BA ZI of people who live and work there.

I like to take a wholistic approach when choosing colours for a client.

Finally, the colours are also chosen according to the purpose of the room. A living room or an office benefits from different choices of colours than a bedroom. Children's bedrooms are also special and more delicate spaces, where more attention is paid to getting the right tone of colour in order to offer them what they need.

Moreover, the client's needs are also met through the choice of colours. If a client is suffering from an illness or emotional condition, the colours are chosen to help them overcome that. This is also done in synergy with the previous steps.